Dave’s Mapper, a random map generator

rough sample of daves mapper

Don't like the maps, then contribute some of your own!

Dave’s Mapper – a map creator which is incredible. As a quick summary, it has:

  • Good interface
  • Many tilesets
  • No pricetag
  • Community input
  • Many output formats

Basically all you could want from a web based application to generate simple maps.

I’ll be using this the next time I need a random dungeon crawl.

Print on Demand for RPG games

Something new to me in the RPG world is the idea of a major distributor using print on demand game, particularly a card game. Great idea from Fantasy Flight Games!

Print on Demand (POD) from Fantasy Flight Games is a remarkable new offering that combines the latest digital printing and shipping technologies. FFG can now produce and ship micro-expansions on-demand that would not otherwise be commercially viable.

A useful idea in the thread comments is to localise the PoD service to reduce the shipping costs. This is a further great idea, and something that would make a PoD service in Australia (basically the other side of the world) very viable. Why print on demand with reduced overheads and efficient stock control for $25, to then spend $25 in postage and have the product on a ship for two months?

Silly really, so lets see some PoD downunder from USA and European publishers pronto.

Deathwatch RPG Free DLC

deathwatch logo

The folks at Fantasy Flight Games who control the DeathWatch RPG are giving away some DLC (downloadable content) for free. The piece is called the Nemesis Incident, and is a backstory enhancement type addition to the DeathWatch game.

Good on them, free stuff is excellent especially when it adds value, and also does not unbalance or invalidate anything else.

Enjoying the DeathWatch

My regular Melbourne roleplaying group started playing the Warhammer Fantasy games a longwhile back, and our current GM is somebody who loves to try new systems, especially those which hook into our other interestes, and have great lore attached.

Thus I came across DeathWatch by Fantasy Flight Games.

Here is a quick review of the DeathWatch RPG game based upon the games played so far.

It is a highly addictive and compelling game model, that removes the need for detailed backstory and allows a drop in, start shooting approach. This is excellent, and something that I would not have though would work had it been suggested to me. Plain honest fun.

The core lore (sometimes called fluff by the tabletop gamers) is so darn deep it is almost impossible to be an expert on any of it, yet somehow as a player you adjust and enjoy. The game lore itself has been altered over the years, and it is an ever expanding base of content, driven by the tabletop players (when they do retcon lore adjustments which are still plausible, but the game themes themselves allow for it is just a wonder circular loop).

In short: play it. Its excellent.

DeathWatch Book Cover