A neat bit of story telling

Something that struck me as I watched the second last Harry Potter film, in prep for the final – was how darn good the small animation story was in the middle about the fabled Deathly Hallows or the tale of the three brothers.

The character, clarity, and purpose of that small sub-story was so different from the rest of the film, that I wanted to see the film split into that story more than see the rest of the HP thread. It was majestic.

I wanted to know more, and the folks at FX have an interview with Framestore – it was easy to find in a Google search. Framestore themselves have a smacking good site too. Its worth a read if you liked that small sub-story.

oh, how does it relate to story telling or roleplaying? I’m not sure – except that I’d love to see sub-plots in my games be remembered as fondly as I recall those scenes.


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