Quick names for Characters

I had a quick thought about character names for rpg games – typically a name should reflect something about the character, and also serve as a reminder for the gm or player about a deeper character. On the surface that is somewhat hard. So here are two suggestions:

Pick them from MMO directories.

The Wow Armory is good and searching by a guild or server will give you a toon list to start from. That said though warcrat players are also a bloody stupid bunch at times as proved by a GuildOx article which shows the popular names by class – no surprise the most popular are god damned horrid.

There is a pool of millions of players out there that create characters in mmos every week. Amongst them are truly great,and totally awful names; don’t be shy.

Grab a baby naming book.

Baby name books are great when your setting is quasi-earth, as they often have lists for “powerful, “fun”, “biblical”, etc. Most used book stores will have one or two, and you’ll not pay much for them.

A good book Pdf is also good, and recently I grabbed a 25001 baby name book on Pdf, and its made is so much easier.


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