Victory in the Lair – session summary

This is a session summary for the Ars Magica home game called Ascendency of the Warp.

Session Seven – Victory in the Lair

Session began with the magi taking stock of their wounds, the strange effects surrounding the crags, and quickly agreeing to return and deal with the suspected evil. A few hours after the main force of grogs had left the covenant toward the crags Callan’s crow told him that “a handful of man walked from the caves”.

Knowing this and suspecting a battle mid journey Maximilian and Callan left to join the grogs, but the characters walking to the crag did not encounter any of the cave dwellers on their journey to the crag. The group either returned to the caves or have journeyed elsewhere.

Upon arrival at the clearing the magi identified the “diabolic shrouds” as oily vicious emanations, which coalesced into creatures when a person walked into the aura. As they had been sighted, Callan was able to deal with the creatures. For even man who stepped foot upon the aura a creature needed to be dealt with.

With the shrouds destroyed Maximilian, Luciano, Carrick, and Callan entered the cave. The group moved with caution, and followed the main tunnel into the rear of the passages; where a stream of water cascaded from a chamber in the roof, and pooled on the ground. At the foot of the waterfall a small stone altar had been placed, formed from the rough stone of the surrounding crags. From around them the party could hear a slow moaning chant, echoing around the rough walls.

As the party moved through the altar chamber a ripple in the water alerted Maximilian to a presence, and as the party watched a mutated man appeared amid the water and moved to strike Maximilian. The party did not hesitate, and both fire and lightning spells and crushing force were needed to deal with the tainted man before he could hurt Maximilian. His body washed into the water again.

As the party recovered they realised the source of the chanting was from one of the small tunnels from this main chamber, and moved toward it. As the party cleared the entrance a  spear man attacked, flinging a shortspear at Carrick. As the spear bounced from Carrick’s armor a ball of abysmal flame killed the man instantly, immolating his body. Even as the group sensed victory a foreboding set upon them, as the chanting had ceased.

Carrick led the group into the end of the tunnel, where a flaming man raised himself from a bath of blood, chains and ropes melting from his ruined but powerful body, and an unnatural fire alighting in his eyes. Each hand was awash with a purple and orange flame, and as the melee began the figure caused flame to erupt around the room, and through the party. As the man rose up several people collapsed around the bath, either their lives or energy expended.

The battle with the flaming man was terrible and vicious, with even some spells being totally ineffective against the infernally imbued foe. Round upon round saw strikes at each member of the party, and all would have been lost had the magi not already prepared themselves with protection against flames, or been specially versed in Ignem. Carrick’s own survival may have attributed to a protective ward cast just minutes before.

The battle ended when the flaming man was eventually worn down, his magical powers and physical body eventually spent and all but destroyed. The session ended just as the emaciated flaming man died, and the four characters stood sorely tested, but victorious.


  • Next session will pick-up from the end of the battle, as there are a few loose ends to close up in the caves, and also perhaps at the covenant.
  • Greg & Ben – Tregus and Demetrius were assumed to stay behind to guard the covenant with Accalon and Sym, while Maximilian, Luciano, and Callan returned to the crags with a contingent of grogs led by Carrick.
  • Greg – We’ll resolve your healing checks when next session starts.
  • Josh – We’ll need to re-do the healing checks, with a roll modifier as you’ve re-opened the wounds through exertion.

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