Spell – The Fastidious Wizard’s Repose

Here is a run-up for a simple spell which came to mind a few days ago as I pondered how cool and neat most spell casters look in movies and tv. They’re almost always clean – nice flowing robes, shiny gear, or neat suits all while gritting it out through the plot. How?

I think this is how they do it: a spell to clean-up, press, tweak, and generally make all their grooming habits and needs get done ultra-fast.

The Fastidious Wizard’s Repose

Rego Corpus 10, R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This spell performs all of the caster’s standard grooming and laundry needs in a matter of seconds. The casters body, clothes, and equipment worn are cleaned, clothes pressed, body manicured, etc.

The quality of the effect is determined by a Finesse check, difficulty 3+ to obtain complete coverage and effect. The spell’s inventor traveled extensively without servants in difficult and remote areas, and this spell maintained a suitably dignified and hygienic appearance.

The additional magnitudes for requisite arts empowers the spell to use affect a wide range materials, and also temporarily create materials needed for cleaning.

(Base 2, +1 to enhance the Finesse check difficulty downward from 6 to 3, +1 to allow for cleaning of complex equipment carefully, +1 Creo, +1 Herbam Animal and Terram)

Silly? Somewhat, but I can think of a few times in RPG games when it would have been handy to get cleaned up. Designing the spell might also be looking in too much detail at an effect which the Magus could use a spont spell for, and it certainly feels more like a cantrip style effect than most others I’ve created.

A side consideration for the effect is what base effect level it should be. Cleaning an item is a really simple task and I think it should be the simplest of effects to groom a person or clean an item; all but trivial. I am almost tempted to make the starting base level 1 except that the cleaning is being performed on a range of materials, but I cannot find a reference to make it that easy.

The Finesse skill roll is needed to see how well the caster can control the effect while they concentrate, with an ease factor of 6, which is based upon an ease factor of 3 for a normal person to do it by hand which is then enhanced magically to lower it slightly. This means that the magical effect is designed specifically to clean in an orderly way, and that ease is built into the spell which in effect increases the magnitude of the spell.

Lastly the requisites have been added so that the spell can conjure materials to be used in the cleaning (Creo), and so the spell can effect a range of materials (Herbam, Animal, Terram). At the suggested +2 magnitudes it seems enough to justify the added Arts, without over spending.

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