Character Hexim Logaris VI

Symbol of the Adeptus MechanicusMy roleplaying circle has started up a play-by-post Dark Heresy game. I’ve chose to play a Tech Priest as they are darn weird and altogether outside what I’ve played in the DH setting before.

Fanatically devoted to a Machine God, following tenants of illogical prayer, and expecting technical perfection. A beautifully flawed premise; as much as the fight against the inhuman using almost inhuman characters. Dark Heresy, Death Watch, and Rogue Trader are darn cool.

Name: Hexim Logaris VI

Concept: Devout and violent Tech Priest, from the Gun-Metal Hive/Forge.


HL-6 is already well enveloped by the call of the Machine God. It’s purpose is to server the God and Emperor in a manner compliant with the scriptures, and to attain convergence – to become the singularity – the perfect merge of human and machine where intelligence and mind transcend to the Deus Ex Machine.

At times the human-self still draws forth, and in moments of stress it will react as those who have not bathed in the warm turquoise and amber light, or felt the hum and burn of the Imperial forges.

The machine does not however restrict HL-6 from reacting with purpose or fervor; quite the opposite! Its devotion has granted militant and aggressive skills, often used in holy service in cleansing the Luddite and technic-illiterate from the realms of man. High praise was given and accepted for the clinical and dispassionate disposal of abnormals and Heretics.

Indeed it is the sound of cannons, mortars, guns, and las strikes that will sometimes give HL-6 pause, as the cacophony is music. Deus Musica Mechanicacis is found in the squall of asynchronous up-links, the whine of hydrolic presses, and the deafening thrall of auto-cannon.


To increase his ranking amongst the Tech-Priests through loyal servitude. At present it considers wearing of charcoal robes an indication that it has not fully joined the proper order/echelon. A major goal is to strike righteous, and earn the blood red robes.

Also wishes to obtain and master a superior quality weapon, by which a signature profile of the gun-forge.

And lastly to obtain augmentation after augmentation, until he/it is far from human.


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