A is for Apprentice

A is for Apprentice.

The lowly apprentice, who one day will surpass their master, but in the current day is treated as a house slave. The master’s clothing is probably never more clean, and their astrolabe never better polished. In Ars Magica stories an apprentice might be treasured as a child, or treated as currency. A lazy fifteen years are required to graduate, and to be honest I’m not surprised that most Magi in the setting have a chip on their shoulder – imagine being in study for that long without a break!

There probably needs to be more stories about failed or suspended apprenticeships in the lore. The poor apprentice is doubly cursed if the master is some commercial mogul with a bad hair piece (the TV show), or a wheezing old guy in black robes who likes to kill everybody (Star Wars). You’d think either master would have more self control.

Story ideas:

  • A Bonisagus raises a challenge to a Magi, where they wish to take the Magi’s recently found apprentice. It could start a direct confrontation, or be used as leverage for another story item which the Bonisagus actually wants.
  • …perhaps the Bonisagus above is being blackmailed by another magus, who is the actual enemy.
  • An npc apprentice is discovered near the covenant, having fled though fear. The apprentice wishes a Bonisagus at the covenant to claim him, to save him from his current master.
  • …the apprentice can sweeten the deal with his personal vis source which his master is unaware of, with 20 pawns as initial offer.
  • …the current master is also the apprentice’s father.

Part of the Blogging A to Z initiative, is to create an A-Z list of some sort, and I’m posting what ever random thoughts pop into my head for each letter of the alphabet.

A great apprentice idea for Ars Magica is the apprentice oath, by Andrew Gronosky, just so this post has something more than some passing silly thoughts.

Playing catch-up as I should have been posting 10 days ago!

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