J is for Just in Time

Just in Time….(sigh). For me being either a player or a GM in rpgs is all about doing your prep and play Just in Time for when it is needed. I used to over prepare, detail large areas, define everything for NPCs, etc. The players typically didn’t go the direction I intended, or went there in a way that made the prep valuable, but not directly usable.

This theme also applies for when you’re playing too. You can have a plan for how and what your character will be doing, and what their motivations are, but going to too much detail just restricts perspective. Better to plan your responses just in time. See what other players might bring, see the reactions, watch the non-vocal language in a group for triggers and hints.

Planning (almost) be damned.

Well, the idea is really to plan what needs to be clearly defined, what needs to be known in brief, and what rumours abound. Planning is key to finding that line between too much information and too little. A world is as full or hollow as the players perceive it, and you’ll never get a perfect balance.

Part of the Blogging A to Z initiative, is to create an A-Z list of some sort, and I’m posting what ever random thoughts pop into my head for each letter of the alphabet.


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