G is for Grind

No, no, not grinder; Grind. As in The Grind.

That feeling in games when you’re tasked with completing an objective, but it will take a long time to get done mainly through repetitive tasks. As a wow player I’ve been conditioned to grinds as a normal part of “gameplay”. I accepted early game creators could not create content as fast as I could consume it, so in-built repeats are needed. This is especially true of MMO games, where the content can be consumed at a staggering pace. Such is life.

A grind is not so bad either, if combined with a story element. The reason that the same daily quests are present could be that the problem cannot be solved simply once. Working at a prolonged quest can feel appropriate.

  • Levels, XP
  • Gold, Credits,
  • Mobs, Monsters
  • Gear, Drops
  • and yesss, oh yess, Coffee.

Then there is the grind which is somewhat pointless – to only gain a secondary objective. I get that too, but wish the games would cover the grinds in a little more smoke and mirrors to keep them bound within the story.

Part of the Blogging A to Z initiative, is to create an A-Z list of some sort, and I’m posting what ever random thoughts pop into my head for each letter of the alphabet.

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