H is for Healers

Healers are the unsung hero of RPGs. I dislike playing them, but really appreciate those who like them.

  • In some PC games the healer is a small red potion. That’s ok, they are very portable, but they are often expensive.
  • In dnd the healer used to be the last created, and somewhat thankless. In 4e dnd the healer was diversified, but still a backbone of every team.
  • In wow the healers are always handy, and a good one is brilliant.
  • In ars magica any magus can choose to be a healer, but the magic is too expensive to use flippantly. Bandages are often more cost effective for soldiers.
  • Make a healer angry today, and you’re in strife tomorrow. Make one happy and you’re on easy street.

Part of the Blogging A to Z initiative, is to create an A-Z list of some sort, and I’m posting what ever random thoughts pop into my head for each letter of the alphabet.


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