Samples of Sound Spells

A little while ago I proposed a set of spell guidelines for Imagonem magic involving sound, and participated in a robust debate on the Ars Magica forums. This post is a follow-up as sample spells using those guidelines. This is perhaps to demonstrate the leverage from Imagonem as more than just visual images, and also to demonstrate the relative power levels to other spell effects.

Shatter the Bon Vivant’s Glass

Creo Imagonem 10, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

The caster creates a short high pitched burst of sound next to a glass item, which is shattered by the sound. The caster must succeed a Finesse check vs base 6 to correctly target the sound. The sound created is very loud.

(Base 3 to break glass with Finesse check 6+, range to Voice +3)

This is a simple spell to shatter an item made from glass, without targeting the glass itself with magic. The Finesse should be modified by other conditions, however the base has been chosen as the area of effect of noise is large enough so that the spell should be easy to target in non-complicated situations.

The Harpies Screech

Creo Imagonem 20, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This effect creates a sound so loud and piercing that it causes disorientation and possibly panic to those who hear it. The caster is protected from the effect by the Rego requisite which protects them from the worst of the effect. Creatures must succeed a Stamina 12+ check are dazed and disorientated. Animals may also be panicked by the effect.

The effect can be heard by anyone who is within range, although a creature’s magic resistance must be overcome for the worst of the effects to apply. This is a debatable aspect of Imagonem magic, which should be discussed before the spell is taken (see Imagonem guidelines and the additional thoughts).

(Base 3, +3 Range to Voice, +1 Rego requsite, +1 for a very difficult stam check vs 12 or higher)

I could see this effect being used in a defensive item or spell, which required a Stamina check round by round as the caster either fights or escapes. Against mundanes it is potentially very useful. The discussion of Magic Resistance is an issue as sounds traditionally are not subject to MR/Parma. I think that makes Imagonem too powerful, so would allow MR to apply against the worst of the effects, but still prohibit normal speech in an area where this effect is present. Like trying to talk near a car alarm.

Gift of the Echoing Voice

Muto Imagonem 15, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Structure

The target’s natural speaking voice echos through the target area, sounding as if it is naturally occurring. The sound grows outward from the target, becoming slightly louder, but echoing from all surfaces through the structure.

(Base 1 for Sound, +1 for slightly unnatural behavior, +1 for Range to Touch as sound leaves the Magus, +1 Duration to Concentration, and +3 for Target to Structure)

This spell is not designed with the standard guidelines or the new suggestions, instead it is an attempt to demonstrate some other typical uses for Imagonem magic. The spell Target of Structure was chosen as it is of the same magnitude as Hearing, which seemed a suitable synergy for making a voice unnaturally echo in a place where it would not normally do so.

Deafen the Surly Turncoat

Creo Imagonem 10, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This effect creates a momentary explosion of sound which is powerful enough to potentially deafen those close to it. Creature successfully targeted by the caster’s Finesse check of 6+ must then pass a Stamina check vs 9+, or they are deafened for approximately two minutes.

The effect is perfect for ending conversations with belligerent subordinates.

(Base 3, +3 Range to Voice)

This last spell is handy to have around for grogs. I cannot imagine that a Magus would be so rude as to need to be punished with it, although at level 10 it is certainly plausible that it could be used and potentially penetrate Parma Magica.

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