Keep only 10 RPG books

Distractingly good blog questions: If you could only keep ten of your printed RPG books, which would you pick? Well darn it, that is hard.

Not so much picking 10 systems, that is easy. But 10 books is hard. Consider too that I’d also say none, as I am getting happier every season with using digital versions of RPG books.

I feel like the guys in the film High Fidelity – top 10 songs to ……

  1. Ars 5e core book.
  2. DeathWatch core book.
  3. An ArM5e source book, but I cannot choose which as yet. Probably the Bestiary.
  4. Ars 4e Grimoire, as it contains a stack of stuff that was great for its time, but failing that then probably the Ars 4e core book.
  5. DnD 4e DMG. To be frank I think I’ll be able to buy a copy of any edition cheaply, so keeping a 3.x or any of the expansion books is probably a waste.
  6. DnD 4e PHB.
  7. Shadowrun core book. I have an edition from the late 90s and am keeping it for the flavour.
  8. Cthulhu core rules.
  9. GURPS core rules (I don’t care what edition).
  10. Rifts core rules. Many folks hate Rifts, and in some part I understand that the system is a bit janky. That said it contains as much lore and fluff to make 10 great games in every book.

Vampire core rules almost made it except it would have been only because of the fun history, not the actual value of the system. Heroes Unlimited is darn good too, but there are many hero systems out there that can compete. I have an old Earthdawn copy somewhere, and a copy of Rus too – both read but never played.

via Untimately: Only Ten.

Magus Sym, the Bear

Sym is an NPC created for an Ars Magica game which stopped a little while ago. The output is from Meta-Creator so is a little idiosyncratic at times, but far better than writing the entire stat blocks by hand.

Sym’s stats could be used for any Bjornaer recently out of apprenticeship, with a focus on dangerously good mundane melee combat. Continue reading

Thinking about gaming while away from the dice

It’s been a very slow period in tabletop gaming around my house. With the dnd regulars pausing while we have lives, families, and wonderful distractions – the gaming posts here have dried up proportionally too. It is hard to write about something when the creativity button is not getting pressed.

The dice are a great source of direct inspiration.

It got me thinking … that perhaps a side project is needed to tinker with. Create something odd, off side, or some such, so that I can keep my hand in as a tabletop gamer, and also to keep the creative part of my brain flowing.

I did find some old stuff that I could publish here as a view of what has come before:

  • old NPCs and setting material from my last Ars Magica game I was trying to run. Now that the game is really dead, perhaps that might be sharable.
  • a draft of a Death Watch based rpg game. It was the skeleton plot for an adhoc game, might be useful for somebody.
  • the new character I’m pondering for another play-by-post game of Ars running on the Atlas Games forums. This is a little harder, as the character is unfinished, and I have some thoughts on directions, and contradictions with core rules. Hmm, perhaps that in itself.

Ok, now that I write it, I’ll scatter some punctuation into those things and post them – Ironboundtome ain’t dead yet.