A neat little primer for medieval studies

I found a neat little book in a book shop this week on the Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages, named Thinking Medieval, by Marcus Ball.

A review from Goodreads said,

Okay, so this isn’t really a mass-market paperback, but nor is it an over-the-top practice in being an erudite ass. Bull’s examination of what we mean–and what we DON’T–when we talk about the Middle Ages is funny, fast, and incredibly well-argued. Although it can be a little depressing (as a medievalist) sometimes, it’s very honest about the field and its uses and what those interested in the medieval era should be aware of when they’re discussing it with those studying it, those mocking it, those thinking they know about it, and everyone else.

The book is not about the history of the period all, but acts as a primer for the way to start thinking about the medieval period in a study context – how to think about the era as a student.

I find it interesting as a fan of the period that I’d stumble upon a book like this randomly.

It feels like a gateway book for more serious consideration into understanding the period from an academic perspective.

I’m really looking forward to reading it in full, and what I’ve read so far is very informative.


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