Deathwatch mission background fluff

“What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete.”

“However, what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.”

As part of starting a short Deathwatch game, I thought to write a little introduction, or background teaser. Hopefully useful and entertaining…

[begin] [data log 000000040001-AH-4771-k-00002] [Sec Com: Edict]
[Designation: Insertion Delta I-327] [Mission: Lachernei-P1-MH0] 
[Action: Immediate]

Signals division report malformed emissions from MWI-012 (planet 
Hartel-3). Immediate reconnaissance required. August-3 Fireteam 
to deploy via transport IST-1-6 (The Bloodied Hand). Rendezvous 
for extract at MWI-590 (asteroid Choking-Heathen). Additional 
assets at discretion of local command.

[1] Orbital Survey MWI-012.
[1] Signals Emissions Recording.
[2] Threat Assessment.
[3] Neutralize Threat.
[1] Rendezvous MWI-590.

Non-standard combat requisition: Approved: Augur Servo-skull. 
[data log 41-AH-4771-k] [end]

(extract of inquisitor log, entry #1)

Fireteam has been expanded with additional Imperial navy resources to include a signals specialist and a handful of general guard, a few of them boots. It took very little persuasion for the SS to familiarize himself with the improved Augur from the ship’s deep store, and the boat’s captain is looking longingly at the device even though I’ve implied that it will be his skull next if it was not to be returned. These Imperials are ordinary but adequate. I am wary of what we will find at the rock as the mission brief was short and unexpected.

My commander will assign two of our own to watch the SS, and the rest can go under general command for the deployment. I praise the captain for his quiet entry to system.

(extract of inquisitor log, entry #2)

MWI-590 is exactly as Temple charter described, and it has created a stir amongst the boots. They initially appeared to be nervous about the deployment upon seeing the C-Hazard, and the auspicious proclivity for exaggeration by the Fireteam made this no better. Despite my warning I have forgiven them this indulgence.

(extract of inquisitor log, entry #3)

Hartel-3 is without question unclean. I have rarely seen filth of this nature, and never on this scale. My report to Temple recommended global sanctification and the Captain has requested same through navy command. As expected response will take time. Tomorrow we close for inspection.

Such days as these test our mettle, and we are reforged stronger in His name.

(extract of inquisitor log, entry #4)

The beast struck sure at our orbit, and cleverly waited some time before its strike. Our Fireteam were fully deployed on planet so while the damage to the hull was brief and brutal, our troop was diminished only slightly; some 40 hands, twelve Imperial guard, and our barber-surgeon.

Fireteam has made contact with the creature and found it passive. I suspect it has the rare intelligence to be pondering the team’s purpose, whereas the The Bloodied Hand was here for only the creature’s ill.

I will pray for those lost, and more so for those who fight on. Their is the purest purpose, my His shield and sword be ever present. More cannot be committed to insecure logs.


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