Lesser magical device – Silence the Heckler’s Dissent

Another low powered but useful item for a starting covenant, created for the Ars Magica RPG. I can see this item being carried by those who have to interact with normal folks, but wish to keep the upper hand during negotiation.

Silence the Heckler’s Dissent

Created as a lesser enchanted device which allowed the user to force the target to stutter and slur words. All Communication rolls are at -3, all spoken spells are at -6 and include an extra botch dice (as per Curse of the Unruly Tongue. ArM p 134).

  • R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Ind
  • Base effect: Rego Corpus 2, R: Voice (+2), D: Conc (+1), 24 uses per day (+5)
  • Form and Material: a small wooden baton.
  • Effect level 5, Item level 10. Crafted as a lesser enchanted device.
  • Item activation: The wooden baton is tapped three times quickly by the user.

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