A quick spell – Ward Against the Common Man

A quick shot new Ars Magica spell, which allows the caster to remain safe from mundane humans. Intended for those times the wizard wishes to sleep safely and soundly.

Ward Against the Common Man

Rego Corpus 20, R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle

Creates a circle through which no ordinary (say protected by Parma Magica or otherwise resist the spell) person can cross or affect those within the circle.

(Base 5, R: Touch +1, Ring +2, Circle +0)

You can find the rest of the custom spells in this blog’s Ars Magica spell list. Happy gaming.

3 thoughts on “A quick spell – Ward Against the Common Man

  1. How is it different from “Ward against the curious Scullion”?

    Yet, that spell was errataed to use ReCo base 15.

    Saying that it doesn’t work against those who resist it to justify the lower level feels like a cop-out, since a forceless WatcS, or once cast with negative penetration, would have the exact same effect.

  2. Superficially base 15 is bloody ridiculous given what base 5 can do. I used the non-errata in the write up so you’re dead right the effect should be higher.
    The change feels like a meta-game choice by the designers and not one which is in step with the relative power levels of the forms. Wards are problematic at any level and I think this was altered to discourage the use of Corpus wards, and wards in general.
    The new base will make the effect warp targets nicely too.

  3. I was thinking more about this and there is a tangible difference between a Ward and this effect. Wards have special considerations for what actions they prohibit the potential targets doing, including spell casting. This effect makes no such limits.

    Still RAW are followed over blog posts.

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