Conjure the Orb of Sunshine

Here is another spell for Ars Magica, to create a portable non-flammable light. The spell was created because my current character in a play-by-post game needs a way reliably have light around him instead of carrying torches, and I intend later to create a permanent magical device which casts this effect. The character is also a specialist in Muto (transformation and change) magic, so while this is an inefficient way to get a simple light, it would be in the style of the character.

Conjure the Orb of Sunshine

Muto Terram 20 / Ignem. R:Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

The material touched glows brightly, and may be used like a torch. The creator Magus designed the spell so that a large volume of the enchanted material could be shared amongst many people, or used to light a large area.

(Base 3 for an unnatural glowing which affect up to 10 cubic paces of dirt, mud, sand, or up to 1 cubic pace of stone or glass. Glow very brightly +1, Affect stone/glass +1, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2)

Why write it up? A similar effect could easily be cast using Creo Ignem, or a wonderful array of possibilities however using a spontaneous spell always risks loss of fatigue, which I often find my characters need for other things.