a play by post game – Tales of Crimson and Gold

the yard in this house always faces the sunWe’re starting up a little play-by-forum game using a harsh cludge of high fantasy and Mythic Europe, based upon Atlas Game’s Ars Magica setting. It’s called the Tales of Crimson and Gold (or ToGC for short). The mash-up is all the huge epic fluff from typical D&D settings pushed into a world that was once Europe.

I know that makes about as much sense as a dyslexic angel with A.D.D. and a heavy-bolter, but I think it will feel good to play.

It will hopefully be like RIFTS meets Ars Magica. A typical AM games have a predilection for the local area to be rather mundane, with the odd hidden gem of mystic stuff, and then the world gets more “fantastic/odd” as the character branch out from their home. It is a “tip of the hat” to the idea that everywhere else in the world is wild and dangerous, so best stay home where it is same. Conversely boilerplate Forgotten Realms-ish makes no apologies about random encounters, huge dragons, lightning swords, monsters with 5 syllable names, and crazy wizards with floppy hats and portable hole generators.

The players and I are hopefully going to see what happens when home is just as wacky as the legendary places far away.

an aside – I’m not challenging the trademarks of any Rifts, Ars Magica, Wizard’s of the Coast’s D&D product, Forgotten Realms, or any other source that gets added to this kitchen sink game. It is a stand alone mash-up of stuff and won’t be published anywhere as a “product”.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post rants and summaries of what happens (when time permits), and also the odd stat block or snippet of game mechanics.

As RPG players I believe we should be encouraged to have fun with whatever we desire, as long as nobody is missing revenue or having their brand degraded. There was a brouhaha about a GURPS Rifts mash-up a few years ago and all the content was taken down at the insistence of the Rifts IP owners.

As such I won’t be posting actual guides or rules for others to emulate the mash-up because I’ve got no interest in chatting to a bloody IP lawyer about how much of an issue it is when my npc shadow dragon uses his hermetically enchanted talisman to cause a colossal mudslide over a small village in southern England.

I'd hate to be on the red team now

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