Disguise of the Mischievous Doppelganger

Another quick transformation effect, this time to duplicate the appearance of a specific person. There are those times when a general spell for altering your appearance isn’t going to be accurate enough.

Disguise of the Mischievous Doppelganger

Muto Imagonem 15, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

This effects alters the target to an exacting copy of another person. The target’s look, sound, and smell are altered to match; including the target’s clothing and equipment. Ideally the person to be copied should be present at the time the spell is cast, or a highly detailed likeness be present.

Like many similar effects the quality of the copy is subject to a Finesse check, with a general target number of 6+ for cursory inspection, 9+ for a fair copy that will pass almost any inspection, through to 12+ for a perfect reproduction. The Finesse check should be modified by the familiarity and knowledge the caster has for the target to be copied, and as this effect is designed to copy a specific target – the caster gains a +3 to the Finesse check if the source for the duplication is present during the casting.

(Base 3, +1 for very high detailed and reliable reproduction, R:Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Ind)

This is a more specific version of the Disguise of the Transformed Image effect from the core rules, which has been increased in difficulty to allow a superior level of detail in the reproduction. As DotTI could actually perform this effect, the real difference is that this effect is designed to duplicate the full appearance of another target with a very high degree of accuracy, where DotTI allows ad-hoc changes in appearance.

I’ve had this effect in draft for a long while during the time where I thought about if it would be used. Frankly I cannot see a common application unless a saga specific use arises. Altering one grog to look like another. But then the opportunity to make a grog appear as a specific NPC and enact a role could be greatly leveraged with a little creativity. So it is a very specific spell, which might be rarely used, but powerful in application.

1 thought on “Disguise of the Mischievous Doppelganger

  1. So this would alter the actual species of the target, rather than the person themselves. That means, depending on the shift, interacting with the person might reveal the deception.

    I would find it more useful in a political/mundane heavy saga where stealth and deception are important, but you’d want serious Penetration to avoid being foiled by those with Divine magic resistance– probably at least 20.

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