Player Etiquette

What is the baseline for what to expect from players? Here is a darn good post I found sifting through wordpress freshly posted. Kudos to Okay… Back to the Plot!

Okay... Back to the Plot!

This really shouldn’t be too difficult, right? You show up and you play the game. You roll and add your numbers correctly. You stay true to your chosen class and background, and you don’t step out of line or deviate from the plot. Right?

You’re not wrong, and I’d like to go few a through things that I’ve learned as a player when it comes to making the process a little smoother for your GM. I’m sure Syd has got plenty of things he’d love to add to the list, but he can write his own post on what he expects from his players and we’ll see how well we match up.

  1. Come prepared and ready to play. Unless it’s a character creation session, in which case you should at least show up with some idea of what you want. There is nothing more annoying than everyone being in a…

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3 thoughts on “Player Etiquette

  1. Whats this on time business? I thought the first surprise of every session was A) what time it would actually start; and the next surprise would be B) who’d actually turn up.

    This is something we can all take a little (or a lot) from.

    That said I went to monthly Table Top gaming on Saturday and everyone arrived with plates of food to share, communicated their arrival times, and given the nature of it not being a campaign we were able to adapt to play something that suited the numbers and the players.

  2. Heh, very true. I’m guilty of breaking all these too. Bantered with JH about doing some games but it’s really darn hard to schedule. Maybe when the kids are older (wishful thinking).

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