Some simple fire spells for Ars Magica pyromaniacs

Designing fire spell that inflict damage is darn easy in Ars Magica. There are very detailed guidelines in the rules and many evocative examples in Creo Ignem; such as Ball of Abysmal Flame at level 35 and Pilum of Fire at level 20, p 140.

Pondering a House Flambeau fire wizard, and I wanted some slight variations on these spells. Firstly I wanted more spells to inflict damage directly, and also at a lower level so a junior wizard could learn them (and I really like Pilum of Fire’s name, so have used that as a theme).

Spear of Fire

Creo Ignem 10, R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind

A short spear-shaped burst of fire flies from your hand, inflicting +5 damage.

(Base 4, +2 Voice)

This might seem an underpowered effect however +5 damage is still not irrelevant and at such a low level a more powerful caster will be able to penetrate through far more magic resistance. Remember too that while almost every soldier will be armored enough to stop this spell’s damage, many wizards depend on their Parma Magica alone for defense; rarely wearing armour. It is a long way from +20 or +30 damage inflicted by the powerful spells in core, so perhaps a +10 damage variant is more desirable.

Lance of Fire

Creo Ignem 15, R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind

A spear-shaped burst of fire flies from the caster’s hand, inflicting +10 damage.

(Base 5, +2 Voice)

All these spells are single use, which wasn’t what I though of when picturing a pyromaniac Flambeau. I saw a fire wielding madman which flames pouring from his hands continuously. Also consider that immolating a target over many combat rounds will be far more damaging and wonderfully intimidating for onlookers. Thankfully creating these effects is darn easy too; they’re almost the same.

Jet of Flame

Creo Ignem 20, R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Ind

A thin jet of flame pours from the caster’s hands inflicting +10 damage to anything it touches. The caster can move their hand to re-target the jet for as long as they concentrate.

(Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration)

Useful for hosing an area in fire, burning as the caster pleases. Damage as low as +10 is powerful when applied every combat round, and if multicast using mastery could be aimed at several targets.

Immolate Miscellanea

Creo Ignem 20, R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Ind

The object touched bursts into flames for two minutes, requiring twenty soak checks against +10 damage. The fire will also ignite nearby objects and spread naturally, which may create additional problems for the target.

(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter)

I didn’t think there was much use for this level and the core rulebook has Cloak of Flame as a higher level spell, but then recalled the Opening the Intangible Tunnel spell, for which Touch spells are needed or by using a talisman to extend reach. Perhaps a disgruntled Magi will find a use there.

Then a simple cosmetic spell to bathe the caster in flames. It could as easily be created by using an illusion (Creo Imagonem) however I like using fire as the Art here.

Immolation of the Cowardly Pyromancer

Creo Ignem 5, R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Individual

The caster is covered in a fire which can be felt but neither burns nor heats significantly.

(Base 4 to create an unnatural fire, +1 Conc)

And lastly for the arrogant pyromaniac who is not afraid to really burn. I don’t expect many wizards to bother learning this, but it was interesting to create and might be spontaneously cast. Perhaps to be rid of fleas?

Immolation of the Haughty Pyromancer

Creo Ignem 5, R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Individual

The caster is covered in a fire which inflicts +5 damage per round.

(Base 4 to create inflicting 5+ damage, +1 Conc)


The spell may also be called “have I got something in my teeth“. More custom spells can be found in the New Spells for Ars Magica page.

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