Revival of an old spell – Illusion of the Standing Wizard

Back in the older editions of Ars Magica there was a spell called Illusion of the Standing Wizard. The intent was to allow a magus to appear to be standing around not doing much while actually casting, stealing something, or some such.

The rationale in 5th edition ArM is to use Rego Imagonem to make the image do something slightly away from the body. Just like Image from the Wizard Torn but without the complexity of viewing through the image, or of the image having to match the caster’s movements.

Illusion of the Standing Wizard

Rego Imagonem 10, R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual

The caster can change what their images appears to be doing, separating their physical actions from their appearance. The image will not reflect the caster’s actions unless it is returned to overlapping their body, or by concentrating. The image can move up to 1 pace away from the caster.

(Base 2 for a pace away from the body, +1 for an additional sense, +2 Sun, +1 Changing image)


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