A few customised Mentem spells for speaking into the mind

Here are two new Mentem spells, well one reworking of an existing effect, and one new spell for Ars Magica wizards. 

Firstly the reworking of Whispering Fingers (CrMe5)(see Apprentices p.48) changing from Touch/Conc to Touch/Sun. This spell is intended to be used through an Intangible Tunnel, and then to minimise the amount of concurrent concentration effects the wizard has to maintain. Casting a level 10 spell saves recasting every few minutes when concentration might fail and stacking concentration effects can be arduous. 

Given it is a level 10 effect it is exceedingly quick to learn. I can’t see an experienced magus using the spell as they probably have a concentration enhancing effect, but that’s not a reason to not consider it. 

Whispering Thoughts

Creo Mentem 10, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

This spell lets the caster speak directly into the target’s mind for the duration. 

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Then I started to think that speaking into a targets mind would be very handy but also very obvious and obtrusive in most circumstances. 

So here is an alternative spell which allows the caster to speak to anyone they encounter (mentally) regardless of any accent or language barriers, and have the recipient not recall anything untoward at the time. It uses the same Creo Mentem effect base as above and and also changes the memories with Muto. 

The handy thing about this effect is while the target might suspect something was odd as soon as the effect wears off, they won’t always work out what it was. Well, unless somebody next to them tell them…

Thoughts From Babble

Creo Mentem / Muto 15, R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual

This spell allows the caster to speak directly into the mind of the target, and also obfuscates the memory of the target so they remember that the caster speaking normally, and in the target’s native language.

(Base 3 for words, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter, +1 Muto sub effect)

The spell is useful for those times when the caster needs to communicate and does not speak the target’s language. Common enough for Magi who travel frequently.  hearthstone by blizzard, perhaps go play.  


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