A spell for Intelligent Helpful Furniture

Odd thought while watching kids television – a spell to grant animation and low level obedience to furniture (I know, probably too much kids viewing in my recent past; it’s the holidays). What’s even more odd is that the Carved Assassin spell from Tales of Mythic Europe is basically the spell I want. It’s intended for use on wooden statues but can animate anything (aside – the Carved Assassin is missing 5 levels for range Touch too, errata has it as level 25).

This version is for prolonged use, so the duration has been increased and the allowable size of wooden object increased. Regular use will cause warping, but that should be expected in a Magi’s laboratory in Ars Magica.

The Subservient Lumber

Rego Herbam 35, R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Individual

The spell grants animation and sentience to an item made of wood. Items can move as directed and follow the caster’s simple commands, but will be confused by complex tasks. Different items can move with various degrees of mobility directly related to how they might utilise their physical form. Chairs can walk well, cupboards less so, and statues with sufficient detail can often move identically to a person.

The spell can be cast on any wooden item up to 10 cubic paces in volume, which allows for animation of very large objects (such as wagons or boats) or massive trees. Casting requisites are required for compound items.

(Base 10, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +1 extra size)

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