Should MR affect Wings of Soaring Wind?

Whilst googling around for Ars Magica material I came across the RPG Stack Exchange pages, and an interesting question was asked – Does Wings of Soaring Wind need to penetrate the caster’s Parma?

Go over an have a read; the short answer is yes. There is no elegant work around that I can think of except the group of players agreeing to hand wave the issue due to how cool the spell is. That said, some left field options and discussion carries on below.

The reason is that the spell creates a magical construct which should really be resisted by their own Parma Magica. Just like if a different Creo Auram spell created a forceful enough gust to blow a fellow magus backward, the Wings of Soaring Wind (WoSW) spell should always be resisted as it is not Range:Personal. Be aware too though most troupes choose to hand-wave this complexity of Parma Magica away as a complication which does not add significant value to the story. The same could technically be said for spells which create air for the caster to breath, and many other scenarios.

I can think of two very awkward work-arounds which still let the cater use Wings of Soaring Wind in some manner.

Firstly by creating a large parachute or wing, which is then blown about by the spell.

I know it’s a horrid consideration for the spell to be effective, but a wing will extend outside the caster’s parma and therefore could be pushed around by the spell as written. That wing could be a fixed construct, a magically created construct, or even another item transformed into a wing – just as long as it is not a physical extension of the caster themselves, as that would also resist the magic (so no Muto Corpus wings). A Muto Herbam spell which transforms the caster’s cloak into a sail will do the trick.

Secondly the caster might develop a Muto Vim based sabot spell to increase penetration to themselves. The idea is that the caster can construct a shell around their own effects which is specifically designed to penetrate their own Parma better than other spells.

The approach is very non-conventional, and likely will need the player’s troupe to agree that an approach is even possible. It has been argued before in the Ars Magica forums that some effects which would benefit from increased personal penetration should use a Muto Vim spell like this, but exactly how the spell works is contentious.

E.g. Why can a caster design a sabot spell for themselves and not another specific enemy? It’s a potentially slippery slope.

A good odd initial question that demonstrates some of the questionable aspects of Parma in Ars Magica, and how the best games will hopefully hand-wave them.



4 thoughts on “Should MR affect Wings of Soaring Wind?

  1. Just pasteing what I posted there:

    “Couldn’t you state that you’re using a really, really powerful Arcane Connection of yourself –you?

    So you can decide wether your spells ignore your Magic Resistance or not. Maybe this suppresses an intended purpose of 5th edition Magic Resistance, but I’m not sure if this is truly intended or just collateral.

    Or make this a Spell Mastery option?”

  2. I think if that was intended then the designers would have made a specific note for the Penetration rules. I agree by the way; it should be an option.

  3. English is not my native language, so my posts may be a bit misleading.

    I was meaning wether my idea *suppresses* an intended purpose, that purpose being that your spells can’t pass your MR. Maybe they *actively* wanted, for some reason, to make your MR block ALL spells (including yours). If so, I can’t think what reason would be: maybe MR blocking your spells (or things like resisting foreign healing spells) is a fully intended feature that brings something to the setting, or just happen to be a collateral feature coherent with “solid and plausible rules on how magic works” –MR resist all spells (disregarding a D&Dish sense of balance that is out of Ars Magica since the beginning).

    If it’s all about coherence, maybe they didn’t think that you could just decide wether your spells pass MR or not, thus still mantaining a coherent magic system (unless I’m overlooking something). Or they thought of it and discarded the option to make the game simpler (thought then they could’ve added it in one of those not-that-simpler supplements).

    All-in-all, I see we agree in that it should be an option (thanks for your answer) and I don’t think it would be a game-breaking option, so I’m happy with that. 🙂

    My only doubt is if I should make it a plain option or a spell mastery one.

    Thanks again, a guest.

  4. It could be a great mastery option, although a wizard shouldn’t need to master a spell to affect themselves – so it feels more like an oversight to me.

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