An ungodly projectile spell

I’ve had a great comment and a few new visits to the blog on improving the Invisible Sling of Vilano and magical projectiles posts; the comment suggests the damage should scale with the size of projectiles being used instead of adding raw power into the spell. Makes darn perfect logical sense to me, and skims around the rules in HoH:S. Shortly I’ll have a post about the ways of improving projectile spells unrelated to the rules as written.

I starting thinking of what the maximum damage a projected sling might do. Is it reasonable to set an upper limit on the damage a spell can do? Creo Ignem spells don’t have a canonical limit. Further why is a projectile moving at such speed only accurate to 20 paces, and surely 30 paces the missile is moving fast enough to still be exceedingly dangerous?

What does a maximised Vilano spell look like?

The Ungodly Projectile

Rego Terram 50, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This effect hurls a stone in a manner identical to Invisible Sling of Vilano, with the force of the projectile increased to inflict +45 damage. The stone is accurate to 20 paces and requires a successful Finesse roll to hit the target. As the stone is flung by spell rather than guided, the effect is not influenced by Magic Resistance.

(Base 45, +1 Touch)

I know this appears broken. +45 damage should be when a huge boulder crushes a character, or the arm swing of a titan. It makes me wonder what the impact speed of a modern bullet would be when translated into Ars Magica terms (boom, headshot!).

For this and other new Ars Magics spells see the list of spells.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken


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