Milestone unlocked, 250 spells. More to come.

(Begin shameless self promotion)

As of today there are 268 spells published, which seek to add diversity and range to the spells for the Ars Magica RPG. At the start of 2016 just after reaching 200 new spells I decided to obsess more seriously about creating Ars Magica spells and post more of the ideas.

It’s been an interesting process but satisfying to be able to write slowly and steadily in tiny chunks, and still build to a larger whole.

And soon the new spells page of this blog will dramatically increase in size again.

Over the next 3 months 97 more spells will be posted. I know this as they’re sitting completed and scheduled for posting through to early July. This will bring the New Spells for Ars Magica page up to around 355 spells. 150 spells in 6 months is darn great in terms of reaching new milestones. Yeehaw!

Getting to 400 new spells by the end of the year seems less like a silly dream, and something I might be able to work toward.

I’ll still need to find the time to edit the page where they’re all written, and it’s getting less easy to think of new areas to cover as much of the easy ground is written. But that’s ok too – I’ll need to do something for the rest of the year. Ahem.

Personally as a blogger I’ve always struggled with creating content regularly and it’s a new and darn satisfying thought to have three months of content ready to go without lifting a finger. To post regularly I started breaking the very long posts into much smaller segments.

For example – the current series being published from March through to mid May is mostly about Necromancy spells, it’s currently 8 different posts with just under 40 spells in total.

Then there are three posts about Ars Magica versions of spell from the movie Frozen (ask any parent if they know that film), then a few handy spells for use either on or involving boats.

There is no real reason for these subjects except they’re playing in my head frequently enough.

Happy gaming folks. More to come.

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