Spells for creating groups of animals

Here are some spells which demonstrate how to create animals in Ars Magica. The core rulebook spell The Wizards Mount (CrAn35) illustrates creating a horse, however it does not make clear the way the guidelines might be applied for smaller or larger creatures, or how to handle big groups of creatures. Here is some extrapolation.

The size calculations for how many of a particular size creature are interesting with the magical paradigm of Ars Magica. Individual creates one item, group creates ten times as many but also mentions that it creates ten times the standard mass of the standard amount, and that the base mass of the creature is a factor.

e.g. A base 15 spell creates one animal up to size +1, which can be extended by the Target: Group to up to an equivalent mass of 10x size +1 creatures.

This means that creating a swan is a level 15 base effect but creating a very large number of swans is very easy as they are so much smaller than a size +1 creature. As a swan is roughly equivalent to size -3 creature, a Target: Group version creates 200 swans (Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults p.39 has a table of animal sizes).

The rough rule of thumb for creates sizes is a difference of +3 between two animals means a ten fold increase in mass, which is equivalent to a +1 magnitude in spell power required.

The mass of a standard animal using Target Group is:

  • 1 animal of size +4
  • 2 animals of size +3
  • 4-5 animals of size +2
  • 10 animals of size +1
  • 20 animals of size 0
  • 40-50 animals of size -1
  • 100 animals of size -2
  • 200 animals of size -3
  • 400-500 animals of size -4
  • and do on.

If for whatever reason the wizard might desire, a very large amount of animals could be created by adding additional magnitudes to the spell designs. Here are some worked examples:

Conjuring the Flock of Honking Swans

Creo Animal 30, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Group, Ritual

This spell permanently creates a very large flock of swans, up to 200 individual animals.

(Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Group, Ritual)

You might think that swans was an odd choice, however swans illustrate the different size class calculation well and have some useful hermetic uses.

A weirder version of this spell can be shown to create a huge volume of raw animal materials (corpses) to be used for various purposes. This is because it is slightly easier to create a dead animal than a living one. Swan corpses could be used for quills, food, feathers for beds, and all sorts of other uses.

Conjuring the Flock of Silent Swans

Creo Animal 25, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Group, Ritual

This spell permanently creates a very large flock of swan corpses, up to 200 individual animals.

(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Group, Ritual)

With all my recent posts on necromancy I couldn’t resist having the corpses of the swans included. And they have appeal to Magi.

Doing so means having to store a mass of dead animals though do the caster either should create live versions which just need to be fed and housed, or a way to store the bodies. A ring version of Charm Against Purification is excellent because it’s very simple.

Other variations might be:

Conjuring the Ravenous Wolf

Creo Animal 20, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual, Ritual

The spell permanently creates a wolf, which is not disturbed by the gift but also not under the caster’s influence.

(Base 15, +1 Touch, Ritual)

Summon the Carpet of Mice

Creo Animal 40, R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Group

This spell temporarily creates a devastatingly large nest of mice, with 45,000 members.

(Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Moon, +2 Group)

For these and over 250 other new Ars Magics spells see the list of spells.


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