The Ironbound Grimoire – an updated pdf of 354 new spells for Ars Magica

Mid 2015 I published 117 spells for Ars Magica as a Pdf, and now that mid 2016 has rolled past here is a new version of the Spells Pdf. It also has a new name this year – The Ironbound Grimoire, and contains 354 spells for Ars Magica, covering all the spells from this blog through to June 30th 2016.

Hope it is useful.

In terms of publishing and presentation the layout is very basic. Eventually I’d love to find a way to have all the spells in a database and create PDFs and extracts directly from it. For now that is in the too hard basket – time, skill, and software costs are Devils. 

A really self indulgent version would be leather bound, inscribed, and contain everything I’ve written for Ars Magica; but I think I’d be the only audience wanting the expensive version. 


2 thoughts on “The Ironbound Grimoire – an updated pdf of 354 new spells for Ars Magica

  1. Hello IBT!

    I’ve been collecting spells for a while now and I keep them all in an Access database.  I’ve found that Excel cuts off long text fields so is not ideal for storing spells.  There are free databases out there but I find them too fiddly and I’ve already got Access for work puposes so that’s what I settled on.

    From there it does get more complicated than it needs to be. I definitely feel you on that score.  I’ve written VB code that loops through the spells, formatting them into an HTML document.  For a while I left it at that.  I found I can open that file in Word to further format with page numbers, headers, columns, art and so on.  I can then save it all as a PDF.  I’ve been looking for page formatting software to simplify these steps but I can’t find one that will allow an import of HTML and keep the formatting.

    Needless to say, I’ve been snatching some of your spells for my own purposes and appreciate your work.  Keep it up!

  2. Glad they’re useful. There has to be a good way to handle this so that each step does what it is good at – publication apps can do layout, let the DB handle storage, present as html, then extract as Xml or pdf.
    I’ll keep mucking about.

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