A spell for a small covenant – Conjuring the Arcane Watchtower

Almost as grand as a true wizard’s tower (Conjuring the Mystic Tower), this spell is for a covenant start-up or a small expansion. It is large enough to house multiple magi but not so massive as to house a large covenant. The size was chosen to limit the vis needed, and also to be the basis for an outpost covenant or a chapter house. Alternatively the spell could be cast multiple times to create a full covenant worth of space.

Conjuring the Arcane Watchtower

Creo Terram 25, R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Individual, Ritual

This spell creates a watchtower, subject to the desire and designs of the caster. The standard tower has five above ground floor levels, a battlement on top, adjoining stairs, internal stone features, a single reinforced door, windows in the mid and upper floors, a small cell in the foundations below, and walls 3-4 feet thick at the base. It is also surrounded by a 2 pace tall wall set 5 paces from the outer edge of the watchtower. The tower has room to accommodate three wizards labs, and their supporting staff dwellings, supplies and meeting places.

The spell provides 1000 cubic paces of stone. The complexity modifier allows for the structure to be a single piece of stone with shutters, doors and such built in. When small parts are needed they are created within the single piece using thin stone slivers. The overall design of the tower cannot be ornate, as the spell complexity has allowed for internal complexity rather than artistic merit.

(Base 3 to create stone, +1 Touch, +3 size, +2 complex design, ritual)

This spell is part of the free new spells compendium for Ars Magica.



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