Stat Boosting Rituals, Part 1 (using Circles)

Based upon The Gift of Reason (Ars Magica p.148) there is the potential to create a ritual using each of the Mentem and Corpus guidelines which increases the attributes for Ars Magica characters. As one of my characters is looking to invent some of these in play, below are some sample rituals and a discussion of the choices players have. And because the series became quite long they are separated into several blog posts.

This series of blog posts will cover thoughts in general about permanent and temporary stat spells:

  • Each variant could also have an Animal version. Animals have the capacity to have stats outside the +/-5 range too, although it is arguable that magic might not be able to boost beyond that even if creatures themselves could. Boosting animals physical stats and mental stats also uses Animal for both which means less arts are needed, although separate spells still need to be invented. Bjornaer magi could potentially get a lot of gain there.
  • To make a spell list easier to navigate, a naming convention would be useful. The spells are likely to be listed with each other, so the Gift of Int, Per, Pres and Com will line up for each of the stat boosts to the +0 limit.
  • Then the colorful phrasing might be +1 for Boon of Reason, +2 is called Blessing, +3 for Favor, +4 for Surge, +5 for Perfection.
  • … of Reason for Intelligence, of Foresight for Perception, of Gravitas for Presence, and of Elucidation for Communication.
  • … of Force for Strength, of Endurance for Stamina, of Celerity for Quickness, of Agility for Dexterity.
  • It is a reasonable assumption that reducing stats is the same difficulty, with a spell switched to Perdo rather than Creo, still at the same baseline level.
  • The negative versions to remove one point of stats might be called Lack (from 0 or lower), Loss (1), Forfeit (2), Raze (3), Waste (4), and Ruination (from 5),
  • Remember that these may invented as Target: Individual or Circle.
  • Spells should also be invented to not warp the caster and as many targets as the SG will allow.

The first important point: perhaps the Gift of Reason missed an optimization opportunity and should be using Target: Circle. As circle spells can affects more than one target with no increase in level, that means the same amount of vis for the ritual could affect a much larger amount of targets. In my opinion the spells should have been written using a Circle target.

For example – A mature wizard is probably needed to create these rituals as they are all approx level 40 or higher. That wizard is best served getting a familiar, a lab assistant, and perhaps an apprentice. Raising just the casters Intelligence score is nice, but gaining a multiplicative effect in their own lab is far better. The level 60 ritual will raise Int up to +5 which could add an extra 6 to lab totals depending on starting Int score and how many wizards it affects. It will cost a huge amount of vis, but that is worth the investment in a long game. Another consideration is first creating a level 35 or 40 version which might take a few seasons for a younger wizard, and then subsequent versions gain the +7-8 lab total boost from knowing a similar spell.

As generated these spells also do not strictly need to be rituals in the basic versions, instead they might also be made into items to grant temporary bonuses. Rituals are far better in the long term for managing warping, however an enchanted device might make a wonderful and expensive gift.

As written the spell guidelines for raising abilities has the same baseline difficulty from -5 through to 0 (base level 30). It seems slightly illogical to reduce the stats of a person using a baseline 30 effect, when a similar level effect can do far worse damage – which is why these spells have been probably regarded as moot.

As an example, the Gift of Reason is all but identical when rewritten as with a Circle Target. Spending 7 pawns of vis for one person or many people is an easy choice.

The Gift of Reason, Encircled

Creo Mentem 35, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Circle, Ritual

Permanently increases the affected targets Intelligence by 1 point, to no higher than 0.

(Base 30, +1 Touch)


As my wizard has to choose which style of rituals to create and at what level, he’d design one which allows him an immediate gain. Going from Int +2 to Int +3 permanently is worth 10 pawns of vis. Likewise for the additional seasons it will take to craft, a 12 pawn ritual is reasonable too.

The Favor of Reason, Encircled

Creo Mentem 50, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Circle, Ritual

Permanently increases the affected targets Intelligence by 1 point, to no higher than +3.

(Base 45, +1 Touch)

The Perfection of Reason, Encircled

Creo Mentem 60, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Circle, Ritual

Permanently increases the affected targets Intelligence by 1 point, to no higher than +5.

(Base 55, +1 Touch)

All the new spells for Ars Magica can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Stat Boosting Rituals, Part 1 (using Circles)

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  2. Lol…NOW reply shows up

    …this seems to be a popular line of reasoning in online discussions but nobody seems to have read the part of circle targets that states that the spell effect ends if the circle is broken…even if the spell is still active. So basically you spend the vis, it becomes permanent…and when you step outside the circle, you lose it anyway. Just sayin’

  3. Yea…I don’t read it that way…Circle target guidelines clearly state that the magic ENDS if the circle is broken, even if the duration has yet to expire. A duration of permanent is still a duration…although given that it can not be dispelled with other magic suggests you may be on to something. The wording plus the potential for abuse this translation brings makes me suspicious.

  4. The Duration is Momentary. The word permanent was a formal duration in 4th edition, but it is not really used in this manner for Creo rituals. Creating a better person in this manner is no different from creating a block of stone with a ritual. The magic is present while the spell happens momentarily, and then the object or change is no longer magical.

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