A spell to Carve into Earth and Stone

Another spell variant to hollow an area beneath the earth, this time with a high degree of precision in the design to allow for stair, arches, and other building features.

Hollow the Detailed Vault

Perdo Terram 30, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Part

The stone mass targeted by this spell is destroyed in a manner consistent with the caster’s desires, typically in such a way to create hollows, rooms, or internal spaces. The spell does allows for a sophisticated level of detail, including stairways, ramps, pillars, or balconies. A maximum volume of up to 100 cubic paces of stone can be affected at one time.

(Base 4 Destroy rock or stone, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +2 size increase, +2 complexity)

This spell is part of the free new spells compendium for Ars Magica.

underground tunnel

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