A Lightning Shield

Magi of Tom has created a sample Flambeau who is focused in lightning. That’s a great character concept. It reminded me of a love for lightning spells, especially thematic ones – like the ball lightning which surrounds Shaman characters in WoW. So extending on the two other lightning based blog posts with spells (a ward and improved lightning bolt spells) – here is a lightning shield.

Shield of Crackling Lightning 

Creo Auram / Rego 35, R: Personal, D: Diameter, T: Individual

The caster is surrounded by webs of interlaced lightning which will not harm them but will damage anything directly interacting with their body. The lightning inflicts +30 damage.

(Base 5, +1 Diameter, +4 unnatural, +1 Rego protection)

This and over 551 other new spells for Ars Magica can be found here.


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