MuVi spells to change the spell recipient (3 of 3)

Continued from Wizard’s Misdirection to Return Home and Wizard’s Misdirection to Receive Blessings, a variation to pass a spell to a target touched.

Wizard’s Misdirection to My Friend

Muto Vim General, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This spell changes the intended target of another spell, to target a person the caster of this spell is touching. If the new target is invalid then this spell has no effect. This spell must be one magnitude higher than the spell to be altered.

(Base Gen for a significant change, +2 Voice)

4 thoughts on “MuVi spells to change the spell recipient (3 of 3)

  1. Catching up here on what you’ve done for the last week, I like these three spells they’re right out of the spell guidelines and not really subject to debate. But if you wanted a MuVi spell based off the same guideline as these to redirect the target spell to a target within voice range chosen by the caster of the Muto Vim spell, would it just be one magnitude for complexity?

  2. I thought about that. A normal spell can be cast with R:Voice and T:Ind as normal, so essentially I didn’t thik it was a material increase in complexity compared to what other spells can perform. If this spell had allowed the spell to be directed at another target within R: Voice that might be true. The caster can only direct the changed spell to somebody they are touching – it didn’t seem broken.

    You think its too far?

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