What can be done within the Muto Vim guidelines? p1

As part of a November 2017 Ars Magica writing challenge – I’m doing one spell a day.

This post is a convoluted mix of ideas around Muto Vim meta-magic borne out into potential spell mechanics. Many of the points will only suit some players, and this is meant more as a discussion and example for MuVi in Ars Magica, rather than concrete assured spells for immediate use in a saga.

Many of the published MuVi spells are invented at Range: voice with the intent of casting against others or to assist others, there are many other permutations. The MuVi guidelines also indicate that a spell which modifies another by more than two magnitudes is possible but needs either Creo or Perdo requisites to add or subtract the magical power, and a Base level to totally change a spell is equal to or less than (half level +1 mag). It is interesting that the guidelines indicate adding a requisite Creo or Perdo, rather than plainly insisting the spell isn’t possible.

Here are samples I can see as useful MuVi modifications of Wizard’s Reach (Ars p.160) which steps the range in different ways, which demonstrates how the difficulty in MuVi spells increases dramatically.

Wizard’s Reach “Downward” for lowering the target range instead of increasing because canonical Ars Magica spell guidelines require very specific effects for Muto Vim. This might be desirable to work around the MR of an opposing caster from Range: Touch to Range: Personal. “Across the Span” for effects moving upward by 2 magnitudes, and “To Distant Shore” for an extreme example of spell extensions to a range, e.g. Personal to Sight, or Touch to Arcane. There is also the potential for the caster to affect their own spells rather than intend to work cooperatively, which are slightly easier due to one less in-built magnitude, indicated by “Sorcerer” to separate the effects.

Wizard’s Reach (Form) Downward

Muto Vim Gen, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This spell alters the targeted spell by reducing the Target range by one magnitude less, with the same limitations of Wizard’s Reach (Ars p.160). The target spell must be no higher than (level -5) of this spell.

(Base Gen, +2 Voice)

This spell is part of the free new spells compendium for Ars Magica.

Oh gosh my arms, the magic, it hurts

4 thoughts on “What can be done within the Muto Vim guidelines? p1

  1. That’s counter intuitive, because magi are cooperating the MuVi spell does not need to penetrate, yet due to the effect of the MuVi spell, a range touch spell is reduced to range personal and thus they can cast it on themselves without needing to penetrate their parma.

    It’s ok by the rules, but from my model of how pama works, if the spell is outside the parma in order to be targeted by the muto vim spell how can it land on the caster without reentering the protected area?

    I did a few of these. I put a target group wizard’s boost in magi of hermes for multicasting and I did a three magnitude target increase here (myriad of flaming pilla):

  2. Thats interesting – you’re saying that a R:Personal spell originates inside the caster’s parma, and R: Touch or greater originates outside their parma. I like your model, but that is a contradiction.

    The point was this first spell might also be cast on a hostile caster (subject to all the fast cast and penetration rules) as a method of defence. I’m not sure I’m right at all, just that I found it worth pondering the other options for MuVi manipulation. The MuVi section isn’t as well defined and contained as other Arts like Ignem.

    eg. turn the other caster’s spell from R: Touch to Personal, inflictig on them what they were going to do to somebody else at Range Touch.
    eg. turn a R: Voice spell to Touch, thereby maknig it not able to be cast successfully.

  3. I don’t think that there’s any question that the spell would work as you describe. It seems the best way to defend with muto vim, adjusting target, duration, or base level seems more likely to let the some of the caster’s original intent come to fruition.

    What do you suppose happens when you reduce the range of a spell with range personal? My take is that it stays range personal.

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