Carapace of Insects (stolen spell)

Another borrowed idea from Sea of Stars by Sean Holland, a spell that surrounds the target in armour made from insects, which also strikes and harms attackers. Awesome idea.

The last words of the spell were more of a sequence of clicking sounds than words and within seconds, the sorcerer’s body was swarmed by insects.  Moments later, the cover became living armor as the interlocked layers of beetles moved with his body.

Now in a typical rpg magic system you’d just figure how good the advantage was by comparison with other effects and plop the spell in – easy. Ars Magica on the other hand is more mechanical in how magic constructs a spell, which means some effects are easy and others brutally hard. And spells generally must also be balanced against the prior examples of similar spells.

  • It need Creo to instantly gather the bugs, or Rego to control a pool that already exist (somewhere),
  • Muto is probably needed to make the bugs behave as armour, and to toughen them,
  • The armour would look very creepy,
  • The mix of Animal baselines fo Creo, Rego, and Muto have the highest level of Base 5, which will be used.

Here is the same spell written up for Ars Magica,

Carapace of Insects

Creo Animal / Muto Rego 40, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group

The target creature is covered in a carapace of interlocking swarming insects, which have enhanced toughness and durability. The armour will adjust to repair points of damage and shift as the target moves, so that encumbrance is minimsed. The carapace grants the target a +4 to Soak and adds +2 Load.

Although Target: group allows for a very large amount of insects, at  the storyguides discretion the swarm of insects might eventually be ablated away from the target if it suffers sustained severe damage over many rounds.

(Base 5 to create an animal, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +1 toughness sub-effect, Rego and Muto free requisites, +1 complex movement)

It is a wonderfully wierd and overly complex spell.


3 thoughts on “Carapace of Insects (stolen spell)

  1. But if it were my beetle magus, he’d probably develop this as multiple spells, one to summon a big pile of bugs, (because if you’re a beetle magus you need tools to work with), One to make the beetles hard as metal (because you want your tools to be durable), and one to control them into armor (because he just noticed that he was only one spell away from having beetle armor). Not because it’s better (penetration issues) but because with magical focus characters I often end up collecting lots of spells that can be combined in lots of different ways.

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