Lost Spells (part 15) to destroy vis

More lost spells from sources around the web which are updated for 5e Ars Magica. This spell destroys pawns of vis. I have to ask why a caster would do this (demonically tainted vis perhaps?), however it seems a legitimate use for Perdo Vim.

Burning Vis

Perdo Vim General, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

Up to 1 pawn of Vis per 5 levels of this spell are destroyed.

(Base General, +2 Voice)

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1 thought on “Lost Spells (part 15) to destroy vis

  1. This spell isn’t too high of level and might see some use, but I think it’s a pretty niche thing in that one can normally destroy vis by any method that would destroy the physical form of the vis. If your vis in the form of a bunch of flowers a perdo herbam spell or tossing the flowers into a fire would both serve to destroy it. If it is vis transferred into the form of a chess pawn, then a perdo terram spell or a hammer would do the trick. The burning vis spell would allow you to destroy the vis without destroying the form of the object that holds it but page 80 tells us “…When this happens its substance often changes – dissolving, withering, crumbling, shriveling, or otherwise degrading.” so I’d rule that it would often not be stealthy.

    I think a useful version of this spell would be one that targets an individual or a room and destroys the vis on that individual or in the room, (probably using target Group for the “individual” version). That way you can deplete your opponent’s vis stores without having to find them first, (assuming that you penetrate their magic resistance).

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