Stacking Intangible Tunnels variants


A great idea came out of the Ars Forums recently for meta-magic spell stacking using variations of Opening the Intangible Tunnel (Ars Magica, MuVi, p). The idea is to first establish a connection using a lower level version, which has flexibility (like using R: sight), and then cast another which is optimised at a higher level with restricted range: Touch.

It’s a neat trick, and well within the rules.

Milestone 700+ New spells for Ars Magica

The blog has 701 spells in total now – and that is about as many as I intended in ever drafting, so anymore will be far more staggered apart as time permits. Hope they are useful in your games.

A few Lava spells for Ars Magica

Due to a discussion on the Ars forums I drafted some lava based spells for Ars Magica. The spells are a little rough, as I’m unfamiliar with lava as part of the Terram Form. It is worth noting that creating lava is Creo Terram, however making it any hotter requires Ignem to assist as a requisite (see Hermetic Projects p.12 for more details on lava in Ars). Base 5 CrTe is 1 cubic foot of lava, which flows very slowly, and inflicts +15 damage (see Hermetic Projects p.14).

Please note – Lava as written at Base 5 inflicting +15 damage is exceedingly powerful. This is better than CrIg Base 5 (+10 damage), and should be pondered seriously by players before being used. As noted in the comments below it is a little broken in terms of game balance, but I cannot (yet) find an explanation which contradicts the book references.

Ball of Burning Lava

Creo Terram 15, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

A ball of lava covers a small area within range. This inflicts +15 damage to items and people splashed by the lava. This spell creates 1 cubic foot ball of lava.

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Enchanted Device: Paper Armour (stolen)

A neat idea lifted from Sea of Stars is a Paper Charm that gives the target better armour (that’s armor for you North American folks) by Sean Holland. In the example the AC is improved moderately, which implies the effect is overall shielding the target from harm; a form of damage reduction in non-DND speak.

The priestess walked slowly down the line of nervous villagers, each clutching a simple tool that they hoped to use as an effective weapon. Stopping in front of each, she placed a charm against each villagers chest and in a second, they were clad in white paper armor.  While the protection the charms gave was limited, it gave the villagers hope that they would be able to stand against those who would harm their homes and families.

These paper charm are marked with the symbols for protection and safety.  When the command words (or prayers) are spoken and the charm is placed on a person, it unfolds into a suit of paper armor to protect them for a short time.

The armor has no weight and causes no penalties, it lasts for three hours and then dissolves into a handful of shredded paper.

Here is the same effect written up as a device with charges (in effect a temporary magic device) for Ars Magica. Paper warrior from Kubo and the Two Strings
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