Enchanted Device: Paper Armour (stolen)

A neat idea lifted from Sea of Stars is a Paper Charm that gives the target better armour (that’s armor for you North American folks) by Sean Holland. In the example the AC is improved moderately, which implies the effect is overall shielding the target from harm; a form of damage reduction in non-DND speak.

The priestess walked slowly down the line of nervous villagers, each clutching a simple tool that they hoped to use as an effective weapon. Stopping in front of each, she placed a charm against each villagers chest and in a second, they were clad in white paper armor.  While the protection the charms gave was limited, it gave the villagers hope that they would be able to stand against those who would harm their homes and families.

These paper charm are marked with the symbols for protection and safety.  When the command words (or prayers) are spoken and the charm is placed on a person, it unfolds into a suit of paper armor to protect them for a short time.

The armor has no weight and causes no penalties, it lasts for three hours and then dissolves into a handful of shredded paper.

Here is the same effect written up as a device with charges (in effect a temporary magic device) for Ars Magica. Paper warrior from Kubo and the Two Strings
As part of the design I am seeking to

  • Allow many individuals to gain the protection, so a device in the Ars Magica mechanics.
  • A device effect as well as a spell.
  • Perhaps a group target
  • Perhaps several ways
  • Ignore the medieval setting lore which would make paper rare.
  • As a temporary device to demonstrate how useful they might be.
  • Perhaps as a “potion” with charges, to show that side of the device enchantment rules too.
  • To reflect the lore written above the device does not need to be overly protective, just an additional benefit.

Some things to consider are:

  • Creo Herbam for paper, as a manufactured product (CrHe base 3). Using Rego to fold existing paper isn’t practical due to the rarity in the setting.
  • Muto Herbam / Terram to grant the hardness of steel.
  • Complexity in the resulting form, as armour is a complex multi-segment item.
  • Flexibility in design when casting to suit a variety of sizes.

Paper Armour Charm (CrHe/MuTe35) This enchanted wooden scrollcase is carved and stained with sigils and designs of warriors and battle, in a mix of green and brown hues, with a ronze clasps. It is a functional scroll case, but may also be touched upon a targe to grant a supernatural armour.

Paper Armour

Creo Herbam / Muto Terram 25, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

The target is enveloped in a partial suit of armour made from an unnatural paper, which is further enhanced t have the strength of steel. The armour provides +3 protection with +1 Load.

A Finesse check vs 9 is required for the armour to fit correctly and to function properly. A failed check provides limited protection and is uncomfortable. The colouring, shape, and design of the paper armour reflects the caster’s sigil.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 highly complex shape, +1 MuTe hardness sub-effect)

Item mods (+10 unlimited uses)

This spell is part of the free new spells compendium for Ars Magica.

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Device: Paper Armour (stolen)

  1. If I were making this as a spell, I’d create it as two separate spells. One to craft a suit of paper armor (no superfluous u for me please) and one to make the paper as hard as steel. This plan makes it hard to do as a device though.

  2. As two Spells it is certainly a cleaner solution. It might take more seasons to craft as two items but would lower the overall effect slightly.

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