Another quick OtIT variant – Widening the Illustrated Tunnel

Another variant on an illustrated magical tunnel, reworked as a wizard in a pbp game called The Light of Andorra (one of the longest running pbp Ars games I’ve seen) needs a version at Range: Touch. I’ve called it widening as the intent is to cast this additional Tunnel after casting a normal version which uses Range: Arcane and Duration: Concentration, or casting upon a person the magus can touch.

Using this spell after a normal tunnel means that many Magi can cooperate to use the tunnel easily, and it can channel slightly higher level spells without the duration expiring unexpectedly. Its handy too that my magus has the Harnessed Magic virtue which means the tunnel can be cancelled anytime. Kudos to the player who first spec’ed him.

It would be wasteful for the magus to invent too many versions, however this widening concept demonstrates how a secondary tunnel might facilitate very powerful effects (described in more detail here).

Widening the Illustrated Tunnel

Rego Vim / Imaginem Gen, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

This spell opens a magical tunnel between the caster and the target (identical to the spell Opening the Intangible Tunnel) except the the caster’s endpoint of the tunnel is clearly visually represented as a swirling vortex styled by the casters sigil.

Spells cast through this tunnel may be one magnitude greater than the level of this spell.

(Base Gen, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Im sub effect)

…now some spells where the active effect moves out of visual range of the caster need an AC to be incorporated into the design (eg. Image of the Wizard Torn (ReIm)), and this spell perhaps should use that – I’m not sure, so I left it out.

Happy roleplaying folks,

doorways from one realm to the next

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