Blog Plans for 2019

I had some plans for 2018 that I didn’t get to and that won’t change this year. On a positive note the blog reached 700 spells in March ’18 and will cap around 780-ish after I add all the recently written material from November ’18. 2019 will meander along the same way, adding the odd snippet and idea. There is still over 100 draft blog posts I could work through so while I’m confident that the blog won’t wither, it will be more sporadic.

Have a great 2019 everyone, Ironbound Tome.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Plans for 2019

  1. Hi,

    I’d just wanted to take the time to message you and let you know that I’ve been reading your blogs most of the night. I stumbled upon Ars Magica RPG recently and been trying to read up on as much as I can. My group is getting a little tired of playing the usual D&D and Pathfinder campaigns and we were looking for something different when I suggested we try Ars Magica. Once we finish our current campaign in a couple of months, I think we’ll pick up Ars Magica. It looks like a fabulous system. Character creation has me a little intimidated, but I’m sure we will manage. Been trying to find sample characters to base mine from. I can’t wait to see what you will write for 2019. I did see you had created your own Grimoire (The Ironbound Grimoire). I found the v3 version from June 2016. Is there a more recent version?

    Any suggestions or recommendations for which Tribunal to start from as first time players? I’ve read that Rhine, Provencal and Stonehenge are good choices. Although I didn’t see that Stonehenge had a 5th edition tribunal book.


  2. Hey, really glad you’re going to play Ars, that’s excellent. And very pleased you find the blog a goo read. I’ve not put together an updated doc of the IBT spells for a long while as it takes many hours of manual editing to get it formatted. One dev who is also an Ars fan scrapes the spells into a single doc, but I don’t think that is being distributed anywhere. I was looking at converting all the spells t a structured data format and posting them from that back to the blog – perhaps in 2019… I also need to split the different Forms into 10x different pages as the length of having all the content in one page is getting troublesome to edit.
    For tribunals I’d stick to the ones which reflect the amount of work you wish to do as a GM. I agree that Rhine, Provencal and Stonehenge are great starters, I also like the Ireland an Scottland tribunals too, because I like the settings and understand far more of their general history than Eastern Europe (that’s one hassle of being an Aussie who thought all of Europe looked like England until I got to high-school). I found Stonehendge pretty clean, and there is a 4th edition book called “Heirs to Merlin”, and the old “Houses of Hermes” for 3rd Ed has a lot of good general advice on generic-ish legal rulings. Both are $15 as a Pdf which is a bit rich to pay IMHO for an out of print Pdf for older editions. Otherwise just gloss the tribunal events till you decide what approach you like.
    Also please don’t take the rules or the mechanics to heart – Ars has a detailed ruleset which can lead to discussion/confusion/arguments – far better to just say “what will be the most fun or the best story?” and move on.
    Best of luck!

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