Simple arcane marking spell for WFRP

A simple arcane spell used to inscribe or mark something. Often used to mark a wizard’s belongings, however also potentially to indicate any manner of hate, pettiness, or foul attitude.

Signia Arcana

CN: 3, R: Touch, T: 1, D: WPB Days, Arcane

The target creature or object is marked with a single glowing rune, sigil, or inscription chosen by the caster. This mark is typically placed on the forehead of the target, and often denotes a person or object important to the caster. The mark is imbued so it is simple to detect, glows unnaturally, and cannot be removed by normal means. As normal the spell may be dispelled by another caster.

Estimating the CN level for spells in WFRP is something of a mystery to me. This effect isn’t powerful in terms of heavy game mechanics, in game power level, and really could be a cantrip (is that Petty Magic?); except that Petty Magic don’t have CNs. That said, I made this spell last for many days so that the caster could use it to denote somebody who obviously has been recently talking to a wizard, and can have it’s duration and target expanded through Overcasting. CN:3 seemed a good level.

I’ll soon need a set of mechanics for CN estimation (which I’m writing at present, stay tuned).

Find a small but growing list of new spells for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay here.

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