Pistol Inventions for Warhammer Fantasy 4e

A long while ago a discussion on the WFRP Ratcatcher Discord mentioned a great invention or customisation that characters might like – a blocked-muzzle pistol (from the Witch Hunter’s Handbook), which started my mind thinking about other tweaks a character might want for their black-powder weapons. Here are a few ideas to add some grit and sizzle to the back-powder weapons.

Bayonet: A simple and well used addition to any long rifle, which allows the wielder to use their rifle in melee combat as a polearm, or a pistol as a dagger. A very simple addition to a weapon, which could be added after initial construction.

  • Pistol Bayonet – Melee Basic, Cost: 1GC, Enc: 0, Availability: Scarce,  Reach: Very Short, Dam: +SB+2, Qualities & Flaws: None
  • Rifle Bayonet – Melee Polearm, Cost: 2GC, Enc: 0, Availability: Scarce,  Reach: Long, Dam: +SB+3, Qualities & Flaws: Impale

Blocked-muzzle pistol & rifle: A small lever on the seals the weapon’s barrel. This causes the weapon to explode, inflicting damage to the holder. If used, treat this as a successful hit to the holder’s arm. This would be a complex change, more likely required to be built into the weapon when it is constructed and would add complexity.

Gun-Sword: A wholesale new weapon rather than addition, and somewhat strange hybrid short blade with a small pistol mounted along the blade. This item must be custom built, and include the Durable quality.

  • Gun-Sword – Melee Basic, Cost: 10GC, Enc: 1, Availability: Special,  Reach: Short, Dam: +SB+3, Qualities & Flaws: None.
  • Pistol stats used as normal, with damage reduced from +8 to +7.

Hidden Compartment: a small well hidden chamber, likely in the stock. A few coins, a small vial, etc.

  • Simple complexity, and may be retrofit to many weapons.

Long Barrel pistol: Dramatically increases the range of the pistol, however is now more difficult to use in melee, which removes the Pistol quality.

  • Increase pistol range from 20 to 30 yards, and remove Pistol quality.

Snub Nose Barrel: Greatly reduces the maximum range of the pistol, however any Critical also now inflict spray damage to wider targets.

  • Reduce pistol range from 20 to 10 yards, and add the Blast (1) quality.

Tooth and Claw Pistol: A one inch long blade mounted forward and below the barrel of the pistol, a sharp edge atop, and a spiked knuckle guard in front of the stock – combine to provide a simple weapon to strike opponents. The weapon must be built with the Durable quality.

  • Tooth and Claw Pistol – Melee Basic, Cost: 2GC, Enc: 0, Availability: Rare,  Reach: Very Short, Dam: +SB+3, Qualities & Flaws: None

Trigger Safety: A small level located near the thumb position which prohibits the trigger from being pulled. This would be a  moderately complex change, optionally added to an existing weapon.

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