A Vanilla Covenant for Ars Magica 5th Ed

After many seasons the folk who collaborated on the Vanilla Covenants project for Ars Magica now have a finished product! (available from the blog: http://david.berco.free.fr/wordpress/?p=690)

I’m exceedingly pleased it is released, and grateful to David Duke, aka The Man From Outerspace for continuing with dauntless faith through to the completion.

p.s. and the IronbondTome in the credits for a few bits is your truly. 

Enveloping Desiccation – a Lore of Fire WFRP spell

Amid the Warhammer 4th edition banter on the Ratcatcher discord – my last spell called “Spark” was found and apparently broken, which a good result to evoke chatter and thought around the WFRP magic system; perhaps not great for people who like their rpgs by the book. So here is another…

Enveloping Desiccation

CN: 6, R: WP, T: 1, D: WPB Rounds, Fire

The wind of Ashqy surrounds the target removing water from within the targeted creature or object, this inflicts +2 damage per round to living creatures, or causes breakage tests for affected equipment when it is used. Damage is calculated as a magic missile which ignores armor and toughness.

I wanted a spell which was firmly within the domain of the Wind of Ashqy and also not another fire spell. Find the other spells in a collection of New Warhammer Fantasy spells