Enveloping Desiccation – a Lore of Fire WFRP spell

Amid the Warhammer 4th edition banter on the Ratcatcher discord – my last spell called “Spark” was found and apparently broken, which a good result to evoke chatter and thought around the WFRP magic system; perhaps not great for people who like their rpgs by the book. So here is another…

Enveloping Desiccation

CN: 6, R: WP, T: 1, D: WPB Rounds, Fire

The wind of Ashqy surrounds the target removing water from within the targeted creature or object, this inflicts +2 damage per round to living creatures, or causes breakage tests for affected equipment when it is used. Damage is calculated as a magic missile which ignores armor and toughness.

I wanted a spell which was firmly within the domain of the Wind of Ashqy and also not another fire spell. Find the other spells in a collection of New Warhammer Fantasy spells

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