Different Weapons, Shields, and Armour for WFRP

As I think about different weapon types there is a temptation to add new weapons with special qualities to spice up the selections available. Despite the fun I think adding too many special trick weapons distracts from the overall game. So the weapons below are listed so they might be found in an obscure market, or via specialist craftsmen.


Weapon Chain: a steel chain which attaches between a weapon and special mount on the wielder’s wrist or arm, which prohibits the weapon from being lost. Ignores dropped weapon results.


Explosive Shield Boss: an explosive shield boss like a claymore, so it fires outward toward the enemy. Could be an artificers proud work or could be as simple as a grenade glued onto the front of a shield. Could be activated by a draw strong which pulls past a flint and lights the fuse, or might need to be lit. Use the stats for Bomb.

Melee (Basic)

These weapons should use the closest skill to match their physical make-up; with most using the Melee (Basic) skill.

Shield Spike : Remove Undamaging (p.299) and add Imprecise (298) to any shield with this improvement.

Sharp Edge or Pointed Edge: Remove Undamaging and add Imprecise, and also add Dangerous. For those with the means, an engineering marvel may add a Shield spike or point which springs from a hidden spot on the push of a button.

Lantern Shield : a small shield combined with a lantern, used for night time activities. This adds slightly more weight to the shield, with the functionality of a hooded lantern. Repairing a damaged Lantern Shield is likely expensive.

Pervaise Shield :(Exotic, Expensive, Heavy, Shield 4), the largest shield possible, more like a movable wall used in large scale warfare, so that an archer can stand beside it for increased cover.

Punching Dagger : as per dagger, no change needed. Added here as they are a thematic pitfighting weapon, but didn’t have stats.

Gauntlet Dagger (SB+2, Shield 1, Defensive, Imprecise), a short blade or spike fixed to a metal sleeve which fits over the fist and forearm. Maybe suited for amputates. Very obviously a dangerous weapon, which will raise concerns outside battles or fighting pits.

Truncheon : a small wooden or metal and wood baton, commonly used by watchmen and enforcers. SB+2, with the Bludgeoning quality.


Net :Use the stats for lasso, and also add Blast(2) to indicate the net can entangle more than one person if used correctly. Larger areas a possible with very large nets.


Sap – SB only in damage, has the Undamaging quality and Bludgeoning quality.


Gamberson : added as a variant for inexpensive armour which acts in all ways as a leather jack, although made from layers of linen sowed together. Typically worn beneath heavier armour.

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