Sea Magic shared in The Ratter WFRP magazine

Very pleased to share that the Warhammer Fantasy RPG post on Sea Magic was shared in Issue 10 or The Ratter WFRP Fanzine. Huzzah!

The Ratter WFRP Fanzine #10–Fall Bar Brawl-– There is 150 pages of content. Contents: Water Load of Nonsense-The Giant Waterfall on the Stir, Master Chef Career for 2e, Sea Magic, Alternate Magic Point Rules, Mounted Combat Options, Magic Items Creation, two WFRP adventure scenarios, and NEW SPECIAL SOURCEBOOK DOWNLOADS: Vampire Counts, DopplegÄnger Characters, and Hedge Wizards!

It can be downloaded from the The Rat Catchers Guild Discord or this Dropbox link.

Cover art by @Thatweirdkiid

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