New Enchanted Items for Ars Magica

A collection of enchanted devices for Ars Magica.

The explanations below contain shorthand for creating magical devices, which might be baffling to read and potentially have the odd error. The spirit of the effects is really is what is important.

Coin of the Wolf (Muto Imagonem 10, as CrIm base 1 to modify one sense, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 moving image. Then device mods: +5 for 24x uses per day). Changes the target’s scent of an alpha male wolf. Device requires a pawn of vis to create. Background here.

Bookplate of the Watchful Librarian – A matched set of a silver bookplate and a reed sized silver token, which are enchanted as a fixed arcane connections to each other. This allows the bookplate to be attached to a tome and lent out, and the token can be used to find the book should it become lost. A simple device which costs a pawn of vis to fix as a permanent AC in one season. Perfect as an apprentice level lab activity.

Amulet of the Unburdened Mind
This amulet is made from a cubic piece of loadstone (a black gritty stone) three fifths of an inch wide on each face, held in a silver mount and chain. The faces of the loadstone are inscribed with stylised hermetic symbols for Rego, Terram, and Corpus (controlling earth and humans). To activate the amulet’s effect the wearer must clasp it in a clenched fist.

Switch the Demanding Spell

Rego Vim 20, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual

This effect is as per Maintaining the Demanding Spell in the ArM rules p 162, which maintains concentration on any spell just cast by the target touched, up to spell level 20 (its a general spell, but this device has the effect at level 20). The spell affected must have been cast by the target of the amulet, and have a duration of Concentration. The spell is re-worked so that it suits enchantment into a magical item to only last while this spell is maintained, so that it can be maintained by the magical device.

(Base effect, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration – As per ArM spell)

The effect instilled in the device so that it maintains concentration, and may be activated 6 times per day. (Device level +8: maintain concentration +5, 6 uses per day +3. Material lodestone functions as a magnet granting Rego +2) Final device total enchantment level is 28.

The Chiurgeon’s Gewgaw

The Chiurgeon’s Gewgaw is a rectangular palm sized smooth rock crystal. This is a lesser enchanted device which allowed the user to understand the general health of a single person (as per Physician’s Eye, ArM core rulebook). Intended for use during triage.

  • Base effect: Intellego Corpus 4, R: Touch (+1), 24 uses per day (+5)
  • R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
  • Form and Material: a small sample of rock crystal (+3 to healing) which can rest in the palm.
  • Effect level 5, Item level 10. Crafted as a lesser enchanted device.
  • Item activation: Touch the rock crystal to the target’s forehead, and hold momentarily.

Silence the Heckler’s Dissent

Created as a lesser enchanted device which allowed the user to force the target to stutter and slur words. All Communication rolls are at -3, all spoken spells are at -6 and include an extra botch dice (as per Curse of the Unruly Tongue. ArM p 134).

  • R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Ind
  • Base effect: Rego Corpus 2, R: Voice (+2), D: Conc (+1), 24 uses per day (+5)
  • Form and Material: a small wooden baton.
  • Effect level 5, Item level 10. Crafted as a lesser enchanted device.
  • Item activation: The wooden baton is tapped three times quickly by the user.

The Tile of Archavious

This circular ceiling panel is 1 pace diameter and an inch thick. The tile is designed to be bolted to the roof of the area to be protected, and is molded with a medusa head at its center, with the snakes surrounding the head is a sun burst style. It is constructed from a core of magnetized iron, and plated in silver. The magnet will weakly attract metals with a pace or so. The tile has been enchanted with two effects, which work in unison to provide a paralysing effect on intruders into Archavious’s laboratory.

The item’s triggering mechanism is a constant effect which detects intruders, and the immobilization effect will stop any large man sized human or animal (size +1) who enters the area unless the spell effect is resisted due to resistance. The intent of the effect is to freezes any targets in place, holding them until the magi’s return.

The tiles construction grants it a material and size considerations: base metal 4 x shield sized 4 = 16 (maximum levels allowed: 80). The total levels imbued in the device is 64 (Detection affect level 32, and Halt affect 34). Device form and effect: Magnet grants Rego Corpus +4 to the creator, or Silver grants Intellego +2 (Mysteries Revised Ed, p33).

It contains the following spell effects:

Seek the Unwanted Visitor

Intellego Corpus (Animal) 25, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room

This effect detects any humans or animals within the room, and provides them as targets for the other enchanted effects within the device.

(Spell Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room)

Two uses per day, with an environmental trigger for sunrise and sunset; which creates a truly constant effect requiring no intervention (see ArM p99). The enchantment will not affect Archavious, or any of his current apprentices which are declared by name. The effect has a penetration level of zero. (Device mod total +7: +1 Two uses per day, trigger +3, specific targets +3 ) Final invested device effect level: 32 (as Spell final level 25 + Device mod 7)

Halt the Curious Manservant

Rego Corpus (Animal) 25, R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual

This effect holds the targeted creature motionless. At sunrise and sunset the effect will lapse momentarily, and the creature will be targeted again if they are still present the next combat round.

The intent is to hold the visitor until the Magus returns so that they can be questioned and dealt with.

(Spell Base 5, +2 R to Voice, +1 D to Concentration, +1 due to extra Form)

The device may be used 12 times per day, and will target one individual per round while valid targets are detected by the monitoring spell above. The device maintains concentration on the ReCo effect. The effect has a penetration level of zero. (Device mods total +9: maintains concentration +5, 12 uses per day +4).  Final invested effect level: 34 (as Spell final level 25 + device mod 9)

The Kryptos Lectern

This stone lectern is made from a heavy single pillar, with a wide inclined tablet affixed to the top. The lectern is fastidiously covered in complex mathematical symbols and formula, with a high degree of symmetry and coordination. The lectern is enchanted with two effects, the first to automatically encrypt all work created on the lectern, and the second to show it decrypted while the text placed is atop the lectern.

Material and Size: Large (4x) soft stone structure (3), inlaid with patterns and sigils. Two effects enchanted as MuMe30 and MuIm14 = 44 effect levels.

A version of “Subversion of the Scribe’s Art” designed as (MuMe: +1 Touch, D: +1 Conc, T: Ind, +1 Simple fixed cipher, +5 for no Finesse roll needed), with device maintaining concentration +5, and 24 uses per day +5. Effect level 20 + device +10 = 30 final enchantment level.

A version of “Reveal the Secrets” to allow display of the decrypted material. (MuIm 4 – Base 1 for images only, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +1 for a simple fixed cipher), with device maintaining concentration +5, and 24 uses per day +5. Effect level 4 + device +10 = 14 final enchantment level.

The Orb of Telepresence

An orb of white marble one span in diameter, held in a rosewood and brass box.

Device level 60. Effect as per Haunt of the Living Ghost (CrIm/In 35) Ars Magica p.144, modified as a lesser device as: +5 Device maintains conc, +2 for 6 use/day, +18 Pen bonus +36.

An Illustrative History of the Order

A tapestry several paces wide and floor to curling tall, woven with the symbol of the Order of Hermes as a large central emblem which is surrounded by a sigil of each art, and then each house.

The Weave of Lore and Whimsy – effect Creo Imagonem 20

(CrIm 1, +1 moving, +2 variety of images, +1 complex high quality art, +2 Sun), +2 for 6 use/day, Env trigger +3 for sunrise and sunset. Tapping the edge of the tapestry three times in quick succession will also stop or begin the cycle.

The device’s effect shows a cycle of complex moving images which represent major stages and personalities in the history of the Order. Each image moves slightly to lend a depth, shadow, and movement. Each depiction still looks as if it was crafted in tapestry form, and also moves with it’s own animation.

E.g. The fire around Flambeau moves, as he stands in place. Akin to the Harry Potter portraits, stylised for medieval art. The symbol of Tytalus slowly turns clockwise and counter clockwise, the Bjornaer symbol morphs between cone, circle, triangle. Etc.

Events include The Founding, the Sundering, the Fight against the Spider, the war against Diedne, and thematic visualisation of each Founder, and many more (to suit a 2 mag increase in complexity!)

Ring of Ghostly Form

Enchanted as a lesser device, with “Form of the Lost Ancestor“, effect level 50.

MuCo/Me 40 (Base 30, +1 Conc, +1 Touch), Device Conc (5), 24 Uses (5). Form is a precious gem hidden within silver ring.

Effect will make the target insubstantial, similar to a ghost. They are unaffected by physical things such as weapons, beasts, the elements, and likewise cannot touch physical things, but remains visible. The target can move themselves at running speed.

Ring of Enveloping Lightning

The ring is enchanted as lesser device, with a “Prolonged Incantation of Lightning“, as a total effect level 60.

(CrAu40 – Base 5, +2 Voice, +4 unnatural, +1 Diameter), then Pen 34 (+17), 6 Uses per day (+3). Inflicts +30 damage per round for Diameter, knockdown effect as per spell in Ars p126.

The device shape is a small precious gem hidden within a plain silver ring, activated by touching the thumb to the ring and speaking the phrase “no more” in Latin.

A Wondrous Harvester

(Lesser enchanted device – PeHe 28) – a small bronze axe trinket set on a chain, which is worn around the user’s neck. To activate the user hold the axe blade with their fingertips, and makes a scythe motion with their other arm. Effect as per The Efficient Harvest

Perdo Herbam 25, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Group

This spell destroys the same part or spot on a set of living trees or plants, with a volume up to equal to the standard Herbam volume (a plant one pace in each direction). The shape and place is chosen by the caster. Target: Part is incorporated into the spell, within the Group target.

(Base 5, +2 Voice, +2 Group) (+3 six uses per day)

Captain’s Tiny Sail – this miniature sail contains a spell to summon a normal wind. By turning the sails facing the direction of the wind may be altered.

Summon the Unbound Wind

Creo Auram 10, R: Sight, D: Concentration, T: Individual

This spell summons a normal light wind which blows in a direction controlled by the caster.

(Base 2, +3 Sight, +1 Conc)

Final device level 15 (+5 levels for device maintains Conc)

Woodworker’s Tiny Twigs – these small twigs are each enchanted with a single effect which causes warping and damage to any wooden item, either living or dead.  To active the holder targets the device to be affected and snaps them between thumb and finger.

Wrath of Turned Wood

Rego Herbam 10, R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Part

This spell twists and tears at wooden items, which may warp them beyond use or break them; emulating the changes a disgruntled woodworker could inflict. Chairs are broken, walls holed, and boats ruined. Many successive castings may be required to inflict major damage.

(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Part)

A Wishing Stone – this small egg shaped stone has the power to conjure a large mass of clay where the user desires, by being tapped five times on a hard surface.

Flood of Clay

Creo Terram 5, R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual

This spell floods the area with clay, creating 100 cubic paces.

(Base 1, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter, +1 size)

Device: Wand of Light (CrIg 20)

This solid oak wand is carved with directive sigils and runes, two of which control the wand’s invested magical power. Created as a simple enchanted device level 20.

Beam of Torchlight

Creo Ignem 5, R: Touch, D: Concentration,  T: Individual

The spell creates a focused beam of illumination to be projected from the item touched, equivalent to torchlight.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Conc) (Device maintains concentration +5, unlimited uses per day +10)

A Hidden Stone Which Brings Silence To All, Lest She Be Disturbed (PeIm 29, Lesser Device), a fist sized cube of high quality marble, carved with deliberately creepy and dangerous looking sigils. It is buried deep within one of the interior walls of the chambers.

Quiet Loose Tongues Within the Crypt

Perdo Imagonem 20, R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Structure

All sound within the targeted structure is destroyed for the duration, rendering it deathly silent.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +3 Structure) (As device: +1 mag for extra duration, +4 levels for adjusting to Constant effect, Ars p.99)

A True Key Against Those Who Call Beyond the Grave, Lest She Hear Their Call (PeVi 37, MuIm 12, Greater device) an even more beautiful gemstone than the distraction above, this gem is striking and lovely to behold and obviously extremely valuable. The best magi from the realms worked years to craft and enchant this gem, to protect their realm and the ghost of the dead Queen Nemorlienne.

Impede the Meddling Scryers and Fools

Perdo Vim, R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual

This spell limits the target so it cancels any other spell attempting to use the target as an Arcane connection for the purposes of scrying, unless it is greater than the (level of this spell +10 + stress dice (no botch)).

(Base Gen, +2 Sun) (+4 to raise to constant effect, +3 to affect everyone except the current Priesthood)

With a more general version which might be more useful as a Duration: Ring and Target: Circle, which can be used outside an enchanted item.

Impede the Meddling Scryers and Seekers

Perdo Vim, R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle

This spell limits the target so it cancels any other spell attempting to use the target as an Arcane connection for the purposes of scrying, unless it is greater than the (level of this spell +5 + stress dice (no botch)).

(Base Gen, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

A Wooden Puzzle of Horrible Death, Revealed to those who Seek Her Glory, (ReHe 42, Lesser device), an item which animates wooden decorations in the room to become weapons. The rooms are deliberately stocked with edged weapons, arrows, laminated spurs, large spars, and solid blocks. Many such items are sequestered within the chambers.

Animate Her Treasures of Wood as Weapons of Woe

Rego Herbam 35, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room

The all wooden items in the targeted room rise and attack any creatures within it, crushing, slicing, and pummelling the occupants. The objects strike with an Initiative +5, and Attack +7 and inflict +10 damage each round.

(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room)

(+4 to raise to constant effect, +3 to affect everyone except the current Priesthood)

A Constant Guard Against Trespassers, Interlopers, and Thieves, (ReCo 44, Lesser device), a small sphere of polished gold, inscribed with runes and sigils denoting terror and disease to any who trespass. The sphere as been buried within an internal wall of the central crypts away from the entry point so that is difficult to access even if it can be detected. Several of these warding globes were crafted and installed in the chambers.

Solar Impervious to Curious Scullions

Rego Corpus 40, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room

Humans find it impossible to enter or leave the targeted room.

(Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room)

(+3 Environmental trigger, +1 for 2 uses per day)

Eyeglasses for the Wizened Sage – sturdy silver set of eyeglasses set with clear crystal lenses. The glasses are enchanted with the the Eyes of Exuberant Youth above. The user can refocus and change the style and mixture of macrotexture by concentrating, so that the eyeglasses might be handed down between Magi.

Effect mods = Final effect level Rego Imagonem 17 – Device is constant, as it is designed with a Sun duration (+1 mag more), uses an environmental trigger (+3), two uses per day (+4), and targets the species at the wearer’s eyes. The effect is designed at Range Touch (+1 mag more) so it can affect the species travelling through the lenses of the glasses.

Enchanted Door Plate  (ReHe29)

This small brass plate is mounted upon a door and causes the door to open and close automatically as people approach and exit.

Effect: An Animated Wooden Object

Rego Herbam 25, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

This effect animates a wooden object so performs a single simple task, such as opening and closing whenever a person approaches.

(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun) (Constant effect: +1 for two uses a day, +3 environmental trigger)

Enchanted Sign of Welcome (ReHe39)

This small brass panel is mounted on the wall of a chamber and causes each door to open and close as needed when a person approaches.

Effect: A Room of Animated Wood

Rego Herbam 35, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room

This effect animates all the chosen wooden objects in a room of the same type to performs a single simple task, such as opening and closing whenever a person approaches.

(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room) (Constant effect: +1 for two uses a day, +3 environmental trigger)

Complex Item: The Crucible of Wonder (page)

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