Covenant of Horsingas

Overview of Horsingas

Horsingas is the leading proponent of the Tribunal’s custom of raiding. The magi of Horsingas consider the Norman nobility (including, implicitly, the King of Scots) to be their sworn enemies. In practice, however, they fail to live up to their lofty rhetoric and take what they need from burghs, clans, monestaries and covenants in both Scotland and England.

It’s Magi are united in their distaste for the Norman invasion of England, but divided in their strategies to return England to Saxon rule.

The covenant was established many years ago as the founders fled to Scotland during the Norman conquest, with most Magi departing shortly after 1066. As the years passed Horsingas has become less blunt and more subversive in their disruption of the Norman ruler-ship; learning that direct force cannot be openly tolerated.

Description of Horsingas

The covenant is located in the Cheviot Hills, not far from Hadrian’s Wall. Horsingas is styled on a military keep and town, with strong defensive construction, and a large standing army.

Magi of Horsingas

  • Sir Edwin of Hexham, exTytalus. Edwin is true warrior. Born of the Saxon nobility, his first love and magical dedication is spells and powers which enhance and extend his combat prowess.  An expert strategist, clever tactician, and horror-some presence on the battlefield, typically astride Heard Healu – the reputed fresh eating horse.
  • Whitburh Frithowebba, ex Guernicius. As the only quaesitor in Loch Leglean Whitburh is seemingly divided between the goals of the covenant, and the greater good of the tribunal. Recently her bias has become pronounced in favor of the covenant, especially in the rulings involving the Covenant of Six Pillars.
  • Sir Jehan of Surrey, ex Jerbiton. A dignified and charismatic noble, comfortable in battle, but far more dangerous amongst courts and negotiations.
  • Aelfred of Thirlweall, ex Tytalus. Aelfred was once the covenant praefect, but has passed this title to Sir Edwin. Outwardly Aelfred is happy to pass control to the younger Magus, although it is not known if the more was entirely of his choosing. Aelfred is an opportunistic and intelligent man who specializes in destructive Terram and Auram magic.
  • Ealwynn of Keswick, ex Bjornaer. Intelligent, swift, and utterly ruthless; she is matched to her heart-beast of fox in every way. Married to Coenwulf.
  • Coenwulf Eofurcumbol, ex Bjornaer. Apprenticed to the same magus as Ealwynn, the two fell in love immediately, despite being entirely different from each other. Coenwulf is a huge hulk of a man with the heart-beast of a boar, and the wits to match.
  • Guiseppe del Mato, ex Flambeau. A mercenary leader from Sicily who was apprenticed at Verdi, Guiseppe has the soul of a magus, and the mind of a warrior. He has wandered Europe for most of his post-Gauntlet life, returning to Horsingas periodically as demanded. It is widely known that Guiseppe’s efforts stock many of the soldiers and coffers of the covenant.

Discoverable Facts and Rumours


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