Sample Ars Magica Characters

Over the past few years I’ve written up quite a few sample characters for Ars Magica, mostly for games I’m directly playing. Here they all are.




  • Agnarr, an Ex Miscellanea Ice magus
  • Asteria, a Verditius specialising in bronze (for the Vanilla covenants project)
  • Constantine, a Quaesitor and Mentem specialist
  • Corbin, a Merintia charmer, and illusionist
  • Fidelus, a Bonisagus who heals (for the Vanilla covenants project)
  • Fray, a Bonisagus specialising in self-transformation
  • Lucien, a Flambeau Apprentice
  • Sym, a Bear, Follower of Bjornaer
  • Zharkune, a Bonisagus Necromancer